7 Romantic Walks to Enjoy Together

A nice long walk together can ignite a new romance, keep the flame burning in your relationship. The fast-paced lives most of us lead leave little time to relax, chat, get out in the fresh air to clear the mind. When building or maintaining relationships, that relaxed time together without distractions is essential. A walk is the perfect way to focus complete attention on your companion.

Beach Stroll at Sunset

Silhouette of Sunset Beach Walk

The motion of the ocean inspires romance. It's the perfect backdrop to a quiet moment and a tender kiss. Strolling barefoot in the sand is the most sensuous way to enjoy a beach walk. But if you'd rather keep your shoes on, you can enjoy the boardwalk instead. If you are on the west coast, you can actually see the sun set over the ocean. If you are on the east coast, you may want to choose a sunrise walk. Top destinations for enjoying a honeymoon beach walk: Maui, Fiji, Aruba, St. Lucia. But for a little getaway, any beach will do.

Gorgeous Views

View to East from Lemmon's Viewpoint - Columbia River Gorge
View to East from Lemmon's Viewpoint - Columbia River Gorge. Wendy Bumgardner © 2010

A walk with a destination that includes a grand view will satisfy those of us who want a reward for the walk. Look for a destination that has a spectacular view, a perfect pause that will make the backdrop for your kiss. You can make it challenging to get the heart pumping by selecting an uphill hike to a great view. Your sweetie will be breathless already when you move in for the kiss.


Romantic Walk in the Park
Romantic Walk in the Park. Manuela Larissegger/Cultura/Getty Images

A quiet stroll through a park holding hands while you walk beneath the trees will bring any couple closer together. You'll want to think of this for a daylight walk, unless you know the path is well-lit. You could bring along a picnic for that perfect light romantic meal. Or, it might be a destination before dinner. You can work up more than one appetite.


Floral Delights

Romantic Walk Through Flower Garden
Romantic Walk Through Flower Garden. Photograph by Kangheewan./Moment/Getty

A walk through a garden in bloom will inspire the romantic. Look for the best gardens in your area and visit them at the peak of bloom. You can tiptoe through the tulips in spring, romp through the rhododendrons in May, dance through the dahlias in September, and stop and smell the roses all summer long.

Waterfall Walk

Hiking Behind Silver Falls
Hiking Behind Silver Falls. Wendy Bumgardner ©

A waterfall is another perfect place for a kiss. It doesn't have to be Niagra Falls, although they have lots of great walking paths there. Any lovely waterfalls with a nice walking path to it will do. Here's where living in Oregon helps. Multnomah Falls and other falls in the Columbia Gorge are wonderful, and Silver Falls State Park near Salem has seven amazing falls, including a couple you can walk behind for a great place to steal a kiss.

Bright Lights, Big City

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas
Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas. Wendy Bumgardner ©

The excitement of Times Square, Bourbon Street, the San Antonio Riverwalk or the Las Vegas Strip can be just what your relationship needs. Follow the crowd and find the perfect vantage point to people-watch. Amid the hustle and bustle you can window-shop, grab some street food or buy a silly memento from a street vendor. Make your own romantic montage reel.


Volksmarch Starting Point with IVV Flag
Volksmarch Starting Point with IVV Flag. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Take your sweetie to a walking festival and enjoy days of walking together. It's a great getaway that will give you the perfect change of scenery and boost of activity. You'll probably also make new walking friends from around the country and around the world. giving you more excuses to travel and visit them. See walking festivals calendar for major upcoming walking events.


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