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Carry Your Stuff on Workouts or Travel

RooSport Magnetic Pouch
RooSport Magnetic Pouch. Wendy Bumgardner ©

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How can you carry your walking essentials comfortably? When you travel, how can you carry your passport, cash and cards secured against pickpockets? I happened upon the RooSport magnetic sports pocket at a marathon/half marathon expo. I bought one in the original size. It turned out to be the perfect travel wallet/money belt in addition to being a great running wallet for workouts.

I then bought the Large size, which is just a half inch bigger. It perfectly fits my iPhone 4s in its Defender case, and also works well for holding my old-style camera. I wore it throughout a brisk half marathon holding my camera and it performed perfectly, solving my problem of keeping my camera or cell phone handy without pockets.

The RooSport 2.0 is large enough for the iPhone 6, but not the 6 Plus.

Secures to Your Waistband with Magnets
I've never liked having to wear a fanny pack just to carry my ID, keys and a little money while walking. I liked money belts even less. But you just tuck RooSport into your waistband and a flap with a magnet in it matches up with the magnet on the other side. Voila, it is securely on your waistband without a belt.

How secure is this magnet method? I wore RooSport for two weeks on a walking vacation with my passport, cash and coins and credit card in it. In all that time, I only once had it dislodge when I was using the restroom.

Even then, it ended up inside my waistband and didn't drop to the floor. It went through a lot of jostling and was always secure on my waistband.

The original RooSport is a bit too small for my iPhone in its Defender case. The size Large is just a half inch larger, which provides a secure snug fit for my phone, perfect for my workday 15 minute walks while listening to podcasts or music.

It also proved to be a great way to carry my Nikon digital camera on walks.

Dual Pockets
The RooSport features a zippered pocket sized for credit cards, ID and money. It also has a drop-in pocket that is secured with hook-and-loop closure.

The drop-in pocket could hold things such as energy gel packs, a music player or cell phone. My passport fit in it perfectly while traveling, although it covered over the velcro closure.

The RooSport is a great solution any time you need a pocket but your clothes don't have any. I have to carry office keys at work, which becomes a problem if I don't have a pocket in my pants, shirt or jacket. Quite often, they don't.

Secure and Discreet
Where pickpockets are a concern, the RooSport is a discreet way to carry your ID, cards and money. I loved that it fits so flat under your waistband that you hardly notice it is there, and it doesn't leave a silhouette that thieves may notice. The fabric is very comfortable.

The new Large version uses waterproof fabric for the pocket, which is probably a good idea.

I didn't have any problem with getting items in it sweaty, but I can imagine that could happen.

I felt like I had quick access to my cards and money in the RooSport compared with a money belt. It was easy to just tuck some bills into the drop-in pocket to sort out later. The zippered pocket provides additional security over carrying your items loose in a pocket.

Magnet Problems?
I was a bit wary that the magnets might affect my hotel key cards, so I usually carried them in a different pocket. RooSport warns that the iPod Classic (but not other models) is sensitive to the magnets. I had no problem with my credit and debit cards carried in the RooSport for weeks.

Bottom Line on RooSport
I'm in love with the RooSport as a travel wallet and workout wallet. I look forward to getting the Large size so I can try it with my iPhone. The RooSport would be an excellent gift to anyone who enjoys running, fitness walking or travel.

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