Ideas for a Rubber Ducky First Birthday Celebration

How to Plan a First Birthday Duck Theme Party

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A fun and whimsical rubber ducky first birthday party theme is a great way to celebrate this important milestone in your child's life. This party theme works well for both boys and girls and is popular enough to be appreciated by guests of all ages.

Duck Birthday Theme Decorations

When decorating for a rubber ducky first birthday party, you'll obviously need to pick up as many rubber ducks as possible.

Look beyond your local party supply stores, however. You can often find interesting rubber ducky themed items in the children's bath toy aisle and the summer pool toy section of your favorite discount store. The rubber ducky theme is also popular as a decorating scheme for bathrooms, so you may even be able to find items this way.

Rubber Ducky is a regular character on Sesame Street, so any Bert and Ernie themed items you have would be appropriate for this type of party as well. A stuffed Ernie playing with his rubber ducky in a toy bathtub would make for a particularly cute rubber ducky birthday party centerpiece.

If you're going to include balloons and streamers in your party decorations, stick to a yellow and blue color scheme. Check out the Birthday Party Ideas website for more creative ways to decorate for your rubber duck celebration.

Duck Birthday Cake Ideas

The rubber duck theme is common for baby showers as well as first birthday parties, so look for cakes that can be adapted to suit your particular needs.

For example, About Entertaining has a white rubber duck cake and a fondant duck cake. Even though these designs were made for a baby shower, they'd be right at home in a first birthday celebration with just a few minor changes.

If you're not interested in a traditional birthday cake, rubber duck cake pops make for a fun alternative.

You could also create a tower of cupcakes and place a large rubber duck at the top of the stand.

Rubber Ducky First Birthday Party Activities

Every birthday party should have at least one activity for guests to enjoy. For a rubber ducky first birthday, consider playing blow the duck down the river, which involves having guests blow air through a drinking straw to race ducks that are floating in a tub of water.

If your budget allows for a game that includes a variety of small prizes, consider labeling several rubber ducks with numbers that correspond to a treat such as a board book, box of crayons, or a container of bubbles. Float the ducks in a plastic swimming pool, then each guest ask each guest to choose one.

Playing a memory game would also be a fun rubber ducky first birthday party activity. Make your own game pieces by printing pairs of rubber ducky clip art images onto sturdy cardstock.

First Birthday Duck Theme Party Favors

When your party is finished, send each guest home with a small rubber ducky as a souvenir from the occasion. Inexpensive rubber ducks are available at discount stores, party supply shops, and through online specialty sites. You can find plain yellow ducks as well as ducks that are wearing party hats and ducks that are outfitted to coordinate with various seasonal themes.

Rubber ducky stickers or coloring sheets also make good options for a first birthday party favor. If you'd like to send guests home with a sweet treat, decorated rubber ducky cookies would make fun additions to your goodie bag.

Other First Birthday Party Ideas

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