Walking and Running Gear with Pockets

How do you carry your cell phone or other electronic gadgets when you are walking, running, or spending time in the gym? You can wear it on an armband or slip it into a pocket. But not just any pocket or armband will do, here is what you should look for:

  • Secure: You want a pocket or carrier that won't let your electronics fall out and get broken if you bend over.
  • Moisture Protection: You're going to get sweaty and you might go out in the rain. Your electronics need to be kept dry.
  • Easy Access: You don't want to spend minutes getting your electronics situated in the pocket, and even more time if you need to manipulate it during your workout.
  • Cord Management: Headphone/earbud cords can be annoying if you aren't using Bluetooth headphones. Well-designed gear has ports and channels to thread the cord and keep it tidy.


Don't learn the hard way that sticking your cell phone or iPod in your sports bra is bad for the cell phone. You may end up with condensation blocking the screen or crashing the phone.

Swoob has a line of sports bras and travel bras with pockets. They have a variety of styles, with most having three interior pockets that are water-resistant. Many styles have removable padded inserts for full coverage.


ScotteVest specializes in electronics-carrying travel gear. This shirt is made of high-performance fabric that wicks away moisture. It comes in both short-sleeved and long-sleeved versions in a unisex design and seven colors. It has three pockets to carry your electronics securely— two side-seam pockets suitable for an iPod or other small gadget and a chest pocket large enough for a cell phone. Their garments feature channels to wire in your headphones so cords are out of your way. They also have a women's long-sleeved workout shirt, the SeV Suzie Qzip with two pockets suitable for phone or iPod.


RaesWear Skort
RaesWear Skort. RaesWear

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Go hands-free with these running pants, skirts, tights, shorts, and capris that feature a continuous pocket on a wide waistband. You can tuck in items including your phone, ID, snacks, tissues, keys—whatever you need to keep you moving. They are made of high-quality technical fabric of recycled polyester and spandex.

ETRE by Victor Legend

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The ETRE line by Victor Legend packs functionality into fitness shorts, capris, and pants for women and men. The waistband has 360 degrees of storage and can hold even large mobile phones securely during your workouts. You can tuck items into the waistband for easy access. There is a secure and water-resistant pocket at the back for your phone and zip pockets on the legs. Meanwhile, there is an expandable pocket to hold a water or gel flask.


Today's big phones need extra protection. This PureGear system includes a protective phone case that is rubberized for a good grip. It includes a kickstand so you can prop it up for watching video or taking photos. It securely clips into the armband, which has slots for taking along cards, cash, or a key hidden under your phone. You can carry the phone screen out or screen in, with access to the buttons on the side of your phone. The armband itself is antimicrobial and odor-free. It has a cord keeper so you can tidy up excess cord during and after use.


This polyester/spandex belt has three pockets, each lined with a moisture-resistant material. You can sweat and your electronics will stay dry. There is a slide-in pocket with velcro closure that is big enough for modern plus-size smartphones. The zip pocket will keep identification, key, and money secure. A top drop-in pocket can be used as well. The DBelt Pro has an ergonomic cut. Wear the slimmer side in the front or in the back as you wish. The belt secures with velcro. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes.


What if you have favorite compression shorts, running tights, or shirt and you just really want to add a pocket? With Underfuse, you can add a permanent pocket to any garment without sewing. It takes only a couple of minutes to iron-on these pockets. They come in two sizes, to fit earlier-model iPhones and to fit larger current models. Of course, you can stow other items in the pocket as well. They have a moisture-resistant layer and a velcro closure to keep your electronics and essentials dry and secure.


One way to get around having wires snaking around your body is to wear your iPod in your hat. You need to keep the sun off of your face to preserve your complexion, anyway. iXoundwear makes several designs of hats, caps, beanies and visors which hold you iPod and have earbuds to reach your ears without more wires. Their designs won't work for cell phones.

More Clever Ways to Carry Your Phone and Gadgets

FlipBelt. Courtesy of Amazon

These belts and pouches are designed to be worn walking, running or training in the gym. The FlipBelt is a proven favorite for half marathon walks and other races. The RooSport Magnetic Pocket is perfect for traveling. Meanwhile, the Walkapocket is great for daily walking workouts. The drawback is that none of them are water-resistant, although FlipBelt and others provide a plastic pouch for your electronics.


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