Sacroiliac Joint Pain During Sex - How to Mitigate

Sleeping with SI Joint Pain
Sleeping with SI Joint Pain. Noviembre Anita Vela/Moment/Getty Images

Sleeping and Sex with SI Joint Pain

Sacroiliac joint pain can make sleeping and sex tough. People with SI joint problems and/or pain on one side of the body may benefit from bending one leg up during sleeping or sex.

According to Lauren Hebert, a physical therapist and author of "Sex and Back Pain," 80 perent of people with sacroiliac joint pain find relief from their symptoms when the affected hip relaxes backward.

This can be accomplished by bending the leg on the painful side at the hip, she says.

Having Sex when SI Joint Pain is Present

For the person on the bottom who also has SI joint pain, the missionary position can be modified so that one leg is bent up and resting on the outside of your partner's leg. Another possibility is to sit at the edge of a chair with the leg on the painful side up so that the heel can be placed on the seat of the chair. The other foot is placed on the floor. The top partner kneels on the floor.

For the person on the top who also has sacroiliac pain, and/or pain on one side, the missionary position can be modified by propping the bottom partner up with pillows. That way you can be on top with your leg of the painful side bent.

Side lying is a positioning option that may help you develop emotional intimacy with your partner.  Both partners can lie on their sides, facing one another.

If you are on top, place a bent leg under your partner's (closest) leg, and if you're on the bottom, you, too can bend the leg on the painful side.

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