Sandbox Fitness: The Ultimate Sand-Based Workout Routine

Sandbox Fitness Offers New Sand-Based Workout Innovation

Sandbox Fitness Class
Sandbox Fitness

Sandbox Fitness is a new innovative fitness studio in the heart of Sherman Oaks. Sandbox Fitness offers multiple group fitness classes all in a giant indoor sandbox. Working out in the sand has been around for years, but most people haven't tried it because the beach is either too far away or they don't know how to maximize the benefits of a sand-based routine.

That's why we decided to bring the beach indoors and introduce sand workouts to the public. Training in the sand burns 30% more calories than on a hard surface, which means you maximize your calorie-burn potential during a typical 30 to 60 minute workout. Also,sand cushions your joints so there's less impact when you are training hard, which leads to less soreness and detrimental effects, despite a more calorically-challenging routine. As such, training in the sand is a great alternative for people with injuries and even pregnant women with bad backs. 

We offer many different classes that focus on strength training, cardio and flexibility:

  • Surfset is a surf-inspired workout that's core focused and will get you sweating in no time. This class is mostly body weight exercises performed on a land-based surfboard.
  • Surfset Balance is a yoga inspired class on the surf board which focuses on balance and flexibility.
  • Surfset Strength is a power lifting class performed on the surfboard. Not only is it hard to overhead press, but imagine it on an unstable surfboard making you work 10x harder!
  • TRX is a total body strength and conditioning class which stands for total body suspension training. Using gravity and your own body weight to help lengthen and strengthen while performing exercises in the sand.
  • Tidal Turbulence is a hybrid class of TRX and Surfset that combines the benefits of both class formats.
  • Sandworks is our beach bootcamp class which utilizes the natural resistance of the sand. It's typically a circuit or a HIIT class to maximize calorie burn. 

If you don't live in LA and can't make it to one of our signature classes, find a nearby sand volleyball court or a large sandbox and give a few of the following exercises a try. Even those using the surfboard can be modified and performed alone in the sand.

Barrel Squats

Barrel Squats
Sandbox Fitness

Shown on a surboard but can be done on a BOSU ball or the floor.

From squat position drop your left hand down to the floor and reach your right hand up in the sky and look up at it. Come back to squat position and switch sides. Try five on each side. This exercise works your quads, glutes and obliques. 

Burpee Pushups

Burpee Pushups
Sandbox Fitness

Shown on a surfboard but can be done on the floor or with hands on BOSU ball.

From plank position, drop down so your chest hits the board, then push up and jump your feet forward to squat position then stand up and repeat. Try 10 reps. This exercise works your chest, core, quads, shoulders and triceps. 

TRX Rows

Sandbox Fitness

Can be done with a low pullup bar instead. 

Lean back with your arms extended, palms facing toward each other, and feet hip-width apart. Walk your feet forward to a deep angle and pull yourself up, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Lower down and repeat 10 times. This exercise works your back, biceps and shoulders. 

Oblique Twists

TRX Oblique Twists
Sandbox Fitness

Can be done with a pullup bar instead. 

Stand with feet together and hands overhead at an angle (like a side plank), keeping your hands glued to your head, drop your hips down as low as you can go, then slowly straighten up. Try 10 on each side. This exercise works your obliques, core and shoulders. 

TRX Plank to Pike

TRX Plank to Pike
Sandbox Fitness

This exercise can be done with a stability ball or swing instead.

Start on the floor in plank position with your feet in the TRX foot cradles. Keeping your feet together, lift your hips up into an inverted V-position, then slowly lower back down. Try 10 repetitions. This exercise works your abs, shoulders and inner thighs.

Speed Skaters

Speed Skaters
Sandbox Fitness

Start with your feet a little wider than your hips. Hop to the right with your right leg and kick your left leg back and behind you, crossing it behind your right leg before stepping out to the left with your left foot planted, kicking your right foot back and behind. The movement should look similar to a speed skater's motion. Try alternating sides 10 times. This exercise works your glutes, hips, quads and hamstrings.

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