7 Sanity-Saving Post Slumber-Party Tips for Parents

How to make the morning after a sleepover party smooth and easy

girls jumping in morning after sleepover party
Kids will wake up loaded with energy after a fun slumber party. RubberBall Productions/Getty Images

When hosting a slumber party, try to plan out how you're going to handle the morning after with the same attention to detail you used to organized the activities for the sleepover party the night before. With a little advance preparation, you'll be able to ward off chaos at breakfast and playtime before pick-up, save your sanity, and help things sail along more smoothly.

One helpful tip: If you have more than three kids at the sleepover, enlist one of the other parents or hire a neighborhood teenage babysitter to come early in the morning and pitch in.

Tips for an Easy Post-Slumber Party Morning:

1. Set the pickup time as a range.
Rather than making pickup 11 a.m. sharp, suggest that parents show up sometime within a time frame—say between 10 and 11 a.m. This gives parents a nice window in which to get to your house and avoid the hectic rush of having all the kids leave at once.

2. Make an easy breakfast.
The last thing you wanna do when you have a houseful of hungry kids is make a breakfast that’ll take too long or requires too many steps. If you and your spouse are skilled at whipping up pancakes, waffles, or omelettes in minutes, then by all means go for it. Otherwise, try one of these quick and easy breakfasts that are easy to prepare for a crowd.

Breakfast ideas:

  • Bagels and cream cheese
  • Egg and cheese sandwiches on English muffins
  • Boiled eggs and toast
  • Fruit plate (made the night before)

3. Have the kids organize their belongings.
Avoid the last-minute scramble for a lost sock or toothbrush by getting kids to pack up their things right after breakfast.

Then, they can run around and play right up until pick-up time.

4. Pre-prep some snacks.
It is an inevitable phenomenon among children that when you have a bunch of growing kids together, they will be hungrier than when they are alone. Is it some long-ago coded genetic competition for food? The fact that they are reminded that they are hungry when they see others eat?

The cause may be a mystery but one thing is clear: Have some extra snacks and plenty of water on hand for the kids, especially if you’re headed outside to play after breakfast.

5. Get the kids outside.
If you have a large back yard, set up some great outdoor games. You can also take the kids to a local park for a game of softball or soccer (don’t set up teams or keep score since kids will be leaving the party —the point should be to just have fun playing).

6. Get out some board games.
Set up some brain-stimulating educational board games such as Scrabble, Pentago, or Bananagrams. This will be an excellent way for kids to pass the time until pickup.

7. Set the party goody bags by the door.
To avoid forgetting the goody bags in the frenzy when kids are picked up, put the bags by the door. Then as each guest leaves and you and your child say goodbye, you can hand out the bag.

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