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School supplies can eat up a huge chunk of a family's monthly budget.  Some of the most expensive items that might be on your school supply list are electronic tech devices.  Today's schools are trying to prepare children for the world of tomorrow, and that includes making sure students are comfortable using technology.  You may find your child is required to have quality headphones of their own to use with school computers, a graphing calculator for advanced math, or a mobile device to access homework help.

 While laptop and desktop computers almost never required for families to purchase, having one in the home is great tool for school age students to use to type homework assignments or get online homework help.

These devices aren't cheap.  Unless you happen to be the rare family who has millions of dollars and doesn't have to watch their expenses, you probably want to keep your cost down while getting the best item you can afford.  Here are some ways you can do that:

Make Use of Price Comparing Websites  

Remember the old days when you waded through a pile of weekly newspaper circulars and physically visited stores to see who had the best price?  Personally, I still use these strategies. I have just added another strategy to my arsenal: Price comparing websites.  Tech and Electronics were the first category of items I ever used a price comparing site to find a good deal.  

Try sites like:

You can also use Google or Bing search engines and then click on the "shopping" tab for you electronic purchases.  The search engines allow for other custom add on searching, such as low price or free shipping.

Stay Away From College Bookstores

If you ever thought you were paying too much in college for books and supplies, you were probably right.

 The soaring price of textbooks may have been beyond the bookstores control, but a 2014 Dealnews report found that laptops were 35% higher on campuses.  Instead, shop at large retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, or Best Buy for the better selection and price.

Stay Up On New Model Release Dates

Iphone has had release dates close to labor day in years past.  So have other popular tech devices.  Chances are your young one won't need the absolute latest edition of a popular devices.  Watch the release dates to see if you can get the next to latest version at a lower price.  The main exception to this is if the edition is specified by school.  In some cases, a teacher will need all students using the same device in order to keep class simple when showing students how to operate their device.  If your child has a different graphing calculator or tablet operating system than other students, your child's teacher may not know how to walk  your child through some of the necessary steps to perform classwork.

 Again, this is only a concern if a specific device or operating system is required by the teacher or school.  If you have any concerns, check with the teacher to see if a previous edition will work for the class.

Wait Until Back-To-School For The Best Prices

Different school supplies go on sale at different times.  Knowing the time that retailers like to put items on sale is the trick to knowing whether to buy or wait.  An article from Dealnews states that late August - right before school starts throughout most of North America - is when computers and other school-related electronics have the best sales.

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