How to Save Money on Low-Carb Diet Extras

Soft Drinks, Spices, Nuts and Other Extras on a Budget

Nuts and Seeds in Jars
Buy in in bulk whenever you can to save lots of money. Jackie Sobon/Moment Open/Getty Images

Now that we've learned how to get the best deals on proteins, vegetables, and fats, let's look on how to save on those "extras" that add spark to a low-carb eating plan.

Don't Buy Water

As much as possible, avoid purchasing water, including products that are mostly water. For example:

Soft Drinks: Instead of buying drinks that are essentially water with some chemicals added, flavor your own water at home.

For example, make iced regular or herbal teas. If you really crave fizzy drinks and drink a lot of them, consider investing in a "make your own soda" machine such as Fountain Jet. I bought a similar product for my husband as a gift and he loves it.

Chicken or Vegetable Broth: A product called Better Than Bouillon is an example of a concentrate that comes out very favorably in independent taste tests, and saves so much money. I never buy packaged broths anymore. 

Water: As far as plain water goes, if your tap water doesn't taste good, a simple "filter and pitcher" set-up works very well and is much less expensive than buying bottled water.


Many of the suggestions for vegetables work for fruit as well. Find out which fruits are low in sugar.


Nuts can be a great addition to a low-carb diet, adding healthy fat, fiber, and other benefits. The best prices near me are in bulk at a health food store, or in large bags at discount stores such as Trader Joes, where a 1-pound bag can be the same price as a small can in the grocery store.


Sunflower and other seeds can also be purchased in bulk or larger bags. Flax seeds are an especially good buy in bulk, and grinding the seeds fresh to make meal is easy in a small and inexpensive coffee grinder.

Herbs and Spices

Again, buy in bulk, where you can fill an old spice container for less than a dollar.

This is an especially good idea when buying an unfamiliar spice or one you don't use often. Buying a very small amount can be a huge saving. For fresh herbs, consider growing your own, as they are among the easiest plants to grow, indoors or out.

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