Scavenger Hunt Themes - Fun Ideas for Tweens

Fun themes for tween scavenger hunts


Tweens love competition and they love to investigate on their own. Two reasons why scavenger hunts are so much fun for the preteen crowd. If you're looking to keep a group of tweens busy for a few hours, consider the scavenger hunt themes below. They provide fun activities for parties, youth group meetings or a day home from school. 

Fun Themes for Scavenger Hunts

A Hunt at the Beach: The beach is home to so many fun things that any scavenger hunt you have there is bound to be a lot of fun.

Ask the kids to find lost treasure, three or four different kinds of fish or birds, a tourist from out of town, sea shells, sea glass or driftwood. Turn the hunt into an opportunity to help clean the beach by giving the team that collects the most trash a few extra points. 

A Hunt at the Mall: Your local mall is a wonderful place to hold a scavenger hunt making it a great idea for birthday parties. Have your hunt and then head to the food court for a snack and some cake and ice cream. You might want to alert the mall before you plan a hunt just to make sure you adhere to any rules they might have. Once that's done make your scavenger hunt list. Be sure to include fun activities such as group photos, and interactive ways the kids can participate with their peers, shoppers, and store management. 

A Nature Inspired Hunt: Your local park will likely be home to numerous objects you can include in your hunt.

Be sure to make the kids look up and down for nature items such as bird nests, pine cones, insects, habitats etc. Get the kids thinking by asking them to identify a habitat, an invasive species or some other challenging item. 

An Online Scavenger Hunt: If your kids are stuck inside for a few days because of illness or weather, try to come up with a challenging online hunt they can do from their own home.

Think of interesting facts and trivia that they have to hunt for online. Include sites that they must visit, such as museum websites for sites that focus on history or historical figures. Set a time limit for the hunt and then see what they can do.

A Seasonal Scavenger Hunt: The holidays or the change of seasons give your tween a lot of hunt possibilities. Focus on items that you only see at certain times of the year. For example, a Halloween scavenger hunt could include hunting for tacky Halloween decorations or jack-o-lanterns with silly expressions. A Christmas scavenger hunt could include spotting a display that plays music, a Frosty the Snowman, or a Christmas tree covered in white lights.

An Alphabet Hunt: Divide the kids into teams and give each team a bag. Challenge them to find items from A-Z, for example, they could find an apple (A), a ball (B), and a Cheerio (C). Some letters are much easier to find than others -- see what they come up with for X, Z, and Q. 

Your Tween's Idea: Your preteen may come up with a few scavenger hunt themes that you never thought of. Let your child think of a theme and then make a list of objects to find. Watch and enjoy your child and his friends make the most of the activity.


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