Scholarships for Psychology Students

Where to Look for Psychology Scholarships

Psychology scholarships
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Psychology has long-been one of the most popular majors on college campuses all over the world. The rising costs of college have made paying for a college education difficult for many students.

In order to pay for tuition, books and other expenses, students need to thoroughly explore a variety of funding options. Scholarships are one of the best ways to obtain extra money for college, but students are often unsure about where exactly to find scholarships for which they qualify.

Where to Start Your Scholarship Search

Some of the key places to start your scholarship search include:

  • Your school's information board
  • Online databases
  • Your school's guidance counselor

Virtually all schools offer some form of scholarship program, so always check with the financial aid or scholarship office at your university to learn more about what is available. In addition to checking with your college or university, the Internet makes it easy to look for scholarships from a wide range of sources.

Students interested in psychology are often dismayed to find few scholarships targeted directly at psychology majors. However, with a little effort and investigation, you can uncover financial awards that are right for your needs. For example, if you plan to work in the area of mental health after earning your degree, you might qualify for a variety of health-related scholarships.

Don't get discouraged if your school does not offer any scholarships that are specifically for psychology students.

Many scholarships are aimed at students pursing a range of majors. The best advice is to cast a wide net. Find as many scholarships as you can and start completing applications.

Searching free scholarship listing services is a great way to find funding opportunities, but there are also a few organizations that provide scholarships, awards and research grants specifically aimed at psychology students.

The following sources are great places to begin your search for psychology scholarships:

1. FastWeb

If you need scholarships, FastWeb is one of the best places to begin your search. Simply fill out a user profile to begin searching for the financial awards that are matched to your qualifications, skills, interests, and needs. Because the scholarships matches are personalized, you can find a good selection of scholarship matches that suited to your educational goals.

2. Psi Chi

Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, offers research grants for both undergraduate and graduate students. Available awards include the Allyn & Bacon Publishers Awards and the Guilford Research Awards, with awards of $1,000 for first place, $650 for second place and $350 for third place. A number of research grants and regional chapter awards are also available including the APS Summer Research Grants, Graduate Research Grants and Undergraduate Research Grants. You can learn more, download award guidelines, view lists of previous winners and submit an application online by visiting the Psi Chi website.

3. American Psychological Association (APA)

The APA maintains a list of possible funding sources for psychologists at all educational levels, from undergraduates to post-doctoral students.

These opportunities include scholarships, research grants, work-study, and fellowships. You can view the listings by visiting the APA website. The search tool allows students to specify the application deadline dates, award topic type as well as the type of reward (grant, scholarship, prize, etc.). Students can also select their student status, i.e., undergraduate, graduate, woman, post-graduate, practitioner, etc.).

4. Your High School, College or University

Psychology scholarships may also be available through your school. Check the scholarship board at your high school, college or university to see if there are any specific awards for psychology majors.

Remember to also look at other scholarships for which you may also be eligible.

Most importantly, go speak with a counselor or financial advisor at your school. In many instances, these individuals may have additional information about awards for which you might qualify.

Final Thoughts

Did you know that many scholarships go unused each year due to a lack of qualified applicants? Students sometimes fail to apply because they simply assume that the competition will be too strong and that they don't stand a chance of winning the scholarship. Instead of falling victim to this trap, focus on applying for as many scholarship as you can. Apply for scholarships that are well-matched to your personal criteria and then be sure to get those applications in early!