6 Tips for Astronomy-Based Science Fair Topics

As science fair topic ideas go, astronomy offers an astronomical (pun intended!) number of potential projects. Children can explore how humanity has long used the stars as navigation tools or explore the relationship between the Earth’s orbit and the seasons. They can also investigate the planets, constellations and other mysteries of the galaxy. Here are some science fair project ideas related to astronomy.  

Celestial Navigation Science Fair Ideas

girl showing science project to class
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From investigating and charting which stars can be used for navigation to learning how to find your way around the world using the sun as a guide to building a sextant, celestial navigation is full of science fair topic ideas!

How Do the Planets Affect Changing Seasons?

Astronomers know that the sun and the moon have a lot to do with how the seasons change, but does your child know about this relationship? Do the planets affect changing seasons? He can explore that question, look at how the seasons differ in the various hemispheres of the world, make a model of the earth’s orbit and much more when he looks at this astronomical phenomenon.

How Far to the Stars? Starry Science Fair Projects

On a clear day, it may look as though the stars and planets are within grasp, but they’re really quite far away. But how far away? That’s a question for your child to look at for her science fair project. She can learn how to measure using a Parallax View and perhaps measure the distance to a certain planet that she's researching. When her project is complete, she will likely be able to teach you or her teacher a thing or two. 

Solar System Science Fair Presentations

Because the solar system is vast, so are your child's possible science fair ideas about the solar system. Topics for solar system-based science fair presentations are endless. Your child can collect and research meteorites and craters, culminating in a . He can to explore, present and model, or he can ask his own question about the huge number of space phenomena that exist. His own tastes and curiosities will lead him to the project that best suits him.

Exploring Constellations for the Science Fair

Many people enjoy exploring constellations in astronomy. They're amazed at the shapes that can be seen in the sky, and your child may feel the same way. She may want to begin exploring constellations for the science fair with an introduction to the night sky to get a sense of what’s out there. Then she can decide whether to build a planetarium, look at or chart constellations to see how they change in the sky over time or create her own portable constellation in a canister. As long as she chooses the project that intellectually stimulates her, she can't go wrong.