Physics Science Fair Topics - Balloon Rockets and More

Science Fair Topic Ideas in Physics

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Many students find physics to be one of the more exciting categories of science fair projects. The field offers children a wide range of theories to test and explore. From gravity to action and reaction, this list provides science fair topic ideas in the physics arena.

Science Projects Centered on Pendulums

Science fair projects that explore pendulums typically dazzle students. Whether a child chooses to explain , researches what makes a pendulum swing or looks at how weight and length of string affect a pendulum’s motion, she’ll likely have fun with this idea and learn a great deal in the process.

Science Fair Projects That Explore Falling Objects

Like , your budding physicist probably enjoys dropping things from heights. Believe it or not, falling objects science fair projects don't simply appeal to juvenile fancy. They're actually valid topics.

Students can examine the rate at which objects fall based on the weight and the height from which they are dropped. This finding can lead children to consider a number of possibilities for gravitational experiments.

Before they begin, however, make sure children and those around them are safe. Do not allow the falling objects children drop to endanger passersby and ensure that children are positioned stably when they drop objects to prevent them from falling to the ground along with their experiments.

Science Fair Ideas That Examine Surface Tension

Surface tension experiment ideas for the science fair can take many forms and can answer a number of different questions. Your child may want to present his findings like a magic trick, making a needle float on the top of a glass of water, or she may prefer to take a more serious approach, looking at how different additives affect the surface tension of water. Let children pursue whichever idea bests suits them and piques their curiosity. With that in mind, parents don't have to worry that children have chosen the wrong science fair project idea.

Balloon Rocket Science Fair Projects

Children can demonstrate Newton’s third law of motion in a number of ways, but none of them are quite so fun or visually expressive as . With a balloon, a straw, a piece of string and a couple of chairs, your child can blow her peers away by demonstrating action and reaction. They'll be amazed at how simple household items can demonstrate this groundbreaking scientific law.

Rainbows as Science Fair Ideas

Sir Isaac Newton had a lot to say about scientific concepts, and not all of it was about motion. Your child, for instance, can recreate Newton's discovery that white light can be broken down into a spectrum of colors, or rainbows, by using sunlight and a prism, a flashlight and a fishbowl of water. Alternatively, children can create diagrams to explain the process.

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