Scope of Practice


What South African paramedics can do is different than American Paramedics. (c) Werner Vermaak

Every healthcare provider has a scope of practice, except physicians. Physicians have the ability to develop new skills as necessary.


Skills that licensed healthcare providers are trained to do. Scope of practice is defined by the government that issues the license, usually a state.

Scope of practice determines what a paramedic can do.

Also Known As: Skill set

Examples: It is in the paramedic scope of practice to give injections through muscle, under skin or directly into a vein.

Paramedics are not usually licensed to suture wounds, which means that is not in the scope of practice. A paramedic may be trained to suture in one state, but in another state where suturing is not in the scope of practice would not be able to do that skill even if trained.

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