The Best Seasonal Produce to Purchase This Fall

Seasonal Fall Produce

With the cool, refreshing air of fall welcoming us each time we step out of our homes, the change in temperature also reminds us that it’s time to welcome fresh fall produce back into our kitchens. When you think of fall, what produce comes to mind? Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, beets, squash (acorn, butternut, and spaghetti), apples, pomegranates, and pears are some that are fabulous at this time of year.

Also, the cooler weather of fall is the favorite growing time for broccoli and cauliflower.

With the cornucopia of fall produce, what will you be enticed to create in your kitchen? Here are some ideas separated into different cooking methods, and from here, you can let your kitchen creativity soar. For some of us that have been avoiding heating the house by cooking during the hot summer months, fall weather brings a welcome return to indoor cooking and cooler weather foods.

Crock Pot Cooking

  • Soups: Combines fall produce like butternut squash and sweet potatoes to make a warm symphony of flavors to enjoy on a crisp night.
  • Slow Cooker Squash: Come home to a fantastic side dish ready to accompany your main course.
  • Applesauce: You can make this in the crock pot and then can or freeze for later use. It's a great way to use the bounty of fall apples.


  • Pumpkins: Pumpkins aren’t just for decorating. Make your own pumpkin puree for use in muffins and breads. Instead of all-purpose flour, use a combination of whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour to boost the nutrition of your baked product.
  • Casseroles: These are a great way to use fresh produce and keep meal prep easy with one pot.


  • Squash: Roasted squash is a versatile dish. Serve with salt, pepper, and butter, or replace your pasta with it and serve a delicious sauce on top.
  • Other vegetables: Bring out the flavor of your favorite veggies, like broccoli or cauliflower, at this time of year. Favorite add-ins include lemon zest and garlic.


    • A new veggie: Grill something you've never grilled before, like beets or sweet potatoes, for a delicious, beautifully colored, and sweet vegetable side dish.
    • Grilled fruit: The inviting smell of warm cinnamon apples is definitely a fall scent that we look forward to. Grilled pear is also a lovely way to serve up pear in a new way.


    • Squash: My kids love microwaved acorn squash. When it’s cooked, we add a little butter, then it’s ready to serve. You can also cook spaghetti squash in the microwave. Added bonus: this cooking method makes the skin super easy to peel off.

    This time of year is full of colors, flavors, and thankfully cooler weather that make many of us feel refreshed and invigorated. You can “refresh” yourself in the kitchen by being inspired by the fresh, local produce around you and trying new flavors as well as tried and true seasonal favorites.

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