6 Secrets of a Successful Playdate

How to Host a Preschool Playdate

Playdates are a right of passage for preschoolers. But how do you know if your child is ready? Playing with friends at a playdate isn’t just about having fun – although that certainly is important. Your preschooler’s first friendships and playdates will teach social skills – how to share, taking turns and even some conflict resolution. Here's how to get ready and host a preschool playdate.

Teach Your Preschooler How to Share

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Hosting a playdate? There are a few things you can do to make sure it is successful!. Sarah Lawless
If your preschooler is going to host her first playdate, she needs to be able to share her most prized possessions -- her toys. This could be a daunting task for a little one, especially if they've never had to do it before. There are some easy, practical ways to teach young children to share and actually enjoy doing it.

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Hosting a Preschool Playdate

The big day is finally here. Are you ready? Is your little one? Rule #1 for having a great play date is to make sure the kids have fun. Here's how.

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Taming Temper Tantrums

As much as you want your playdate to go smoothly, there are going to be times when you hit some bumps in the road. Meltdowns occur when a child feels he's lost control of a situation. Here's how to help him regain some balance.

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How to Deal with a Tattletale

Even the best of friends have conflicts and if a preschooler feels she's been wronged, she's going to let you know. It can be even worse if your child is the one being tattled on. Here's what to do if you hear those dreaded two words: "I'm telling!"

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Great Kids Snacks

Depending on how long the playdate lasts, it's a good idea to have some snacks on hand. Healthy and filling, these ideas are easy to make and they taste good too!

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It's Clean Up Time: Getting Your Preschooler to Put Away Toys

No one wants the fun to come to an end, but alas, it must. Not only will the kids be sad to say goodbye, it's likely they won't want to clean up. But you shouldn't have to do it either. Here's how to make the chore no one wants to do fun.

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