7 Secrets of Successful Dieters

Keep a Snack Stash

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You don't want to ever find yourself in a situation where you're super hungry and there aren't any good food choices in sight. To avoid this, smart dieters keep emergency snacks with them at all times. Whether you're running a few errands or off to the office for the day, keep a few shelf-stable snacks in your purse, car, or desk drawer.

Always Be Planning

Hungry Girl's Secrets of Successful Dieters: Always Be Planning
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If you've got a big meal, event, or party, in the evening, eat lightly earlier in the day and add some extra physical activity beforehand, like a walk at lunch or an early workout. Then check out the restaurant menu online or call the event space ahead of time to see what will be served so that you can make the best dining out choices. This way, you can come up with a game plan before you even arrive. Traveling out of town? Google dining options where you'll be staying and request a mini-fridge in your hotel room for smart-eating staples. Like I said, always plan ahead!

Start the Day With Hot Lemon Water

Hungry Girl's Secrets of Successful Dieters: Start the Day with Hot Lemon Water
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Experts debate whether drinking hot water with lemon actually promotes fat burning or stimulates metabolism. Some people find it beneficial!

There are two main reasons people tend not to drink enough water. First, the taste is too plain, and second, they find ice-cold water hard to get down. A sippable mug of hot water with lemon solves both of these problems. It has a nice citrus kick and it goes down easily! It's also a cleaner way to start the day than coffee or tea, which generally get sweetened. plus, it's incredibly common to mistake thirst for hunger so stay hydrated!

Write Every Bite

Hungry Girl's Secrets of Successful Dieters: Write Every Bite
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Keeping track of every single thing you put in your mouth (and its calorie count) will help keep you from mindlessly eating. Fancy journals and phone apps are great, but sometimes you can just use scrap paper or a napkin to log your food for the day. I find that if I'm unwilling to figure out and write down the calories in something, it probably isn't worth eating! Make this portion control tip a habit and you'll quickly find out which foods are worth the calories to you.

Ask Questions and Special Order

Hungry Girl's Secrets of Successful Dieters: Ask Questions, and Special Order
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Do not be afraid to request more info on and modifications to menu items—just ask nicely. Get sauces and dressings on the side. Maybe there's a light alternative? Instead of a starchy side dish, ask for extra veggies. Confirm those veggies aren't cooked in butter or oil! Don't make excuses just because you're eating out. And if you don't feel comfortable asking a lot of questions at the dinner table, call ahead for details.

Give Up on Perfection

Hungry Girl's Secrets of Successful Dieters: Give Up on Perfection
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One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to have an all-or-nothing attitude. Being "perfect" when it comes to making food choices is nearly impossible to maintain forever. Most people will slip up or overindulge somewhere along the line, and the key is to just get right back on track. Start eating well again with the very next meal or snack. Don't wait until the next morning, week, or month to start again. Being obsessed is a common weight loss mistake and makes it harder to move on from a slip!


Hungry Girl's Secrets of Successful Dieters: #Housewalk
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This one's my personal secret, but I'm letting the cat out of the bag. Using my FitBit to track my daily steps, I am constantly house walking. That means I'm always walking or walking in place whenever I'm at home and work.

You can do this too! Start doing this to hit the recommended 10,000 steps per day, and before you know it you'll be hitting 20,000! All those extra steps burn extra calories. You don't need a FitBit (a pedometer is a great way to track your steps), and you don't even need a house. An apartment or even a hotel room will do the trick. Try it and you'll be hooked in no time! Let the calorie burning begin!

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