Seizures and Infantile Spasms

Expert Q&A

Q. I have a 9 month old who has been having seizures and sweats very badly, I mean huge beads of sweat. His seizures look like full body muscle spasms, he never looses conciousnes, and they always come in sets of 3, like he will have a brief one, then it stops for maybe 3 or 4 sec. Then another and another. He had an EEG and it came out fine. The doctors don't seem to know can you please help. He is 23lbs and gaining, and is about 32 inches tall he is a big healthy boy. Mindy, Waco, Texas


Although it is very reassuring that he had a normal EEG and he is growing well, he likely needs more of an evaluation if you really think he is having seizures. Repetive, brief muscle spasms can be a sign of infantile spasms, but these children usually don't have a normal EEG.

Can you have seizures and a normal EEG? Yes.

It could be that he didn't have an episode during the EEG, in which case a video EEG might be more helpful. With a video EEG, in addition to the regular EEG recording, your child is also videotaped. This helps so that the doctor can relate what your child is doing, like when he has these 'full body muscle spasms,' with what the EEG shows.

At this point, you likely should try to see a Pediatric Neurologist for further evaluation.

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