Sensitive Subjects for Walkers

Don't Let Embarrassing Problems Stop You

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Are you the only one? That's often the first thought if you are afflicted by certain embarrassing problems you can encounter when walking. Finding out how to prevent it or deal with it creates more problems - who to ask? Admit the problem to friends, call your doctor or, as you might have done just now, scour the internet seeking information?

You've come to the right place. I've heard from many of you over the years and I can tell you that you aren't alone.

I'll point you in the right direction to answers for each problem.

Embarrassing Walking Problems

Runner's Trots
Exercise-induced loose stools include symptoms ranging from cramping and nausea to bouts of flatulence and diarrhea during or after your workout.

Stomach Upset and Heartburn
Stomach upset and heartburn are very common among runners and walkers who walk at a high heart rate.

Bladder Control
This is not just a problem for older adults or women. If you have bladder control problems, there are treatments - and you are definitely not alone.

Urinary Frequency
When you need to urinate too often or at the wrong times, it can disrupt your walking workouts.

No Toilets
What do you do when you need to go and there are no toilets around? I've become an expert in spotting portajohns and knowing where public toilets lurk. But I also know the environmentally sensitive way to use the bushes.

Menstrual Concerns
Time to start believing those ads - you really can go walking, riding, biking and swimming during your menstrual days.

And, Murphy's Law -- it's more likely than not to strike on marathon day, so it's best to be prepared.

Even the skinniest walkers, runners, and cyclists experience chafing. The prime areas are the embarrassing ones -- the groin, underarms and nipples. Find out how you can prevent it with proper preparations, skin treatments and clothing.

Sports Bra Problems
Women often have problems with support, chafing, or slipping straps. Find out how to select the right sports bra for better comfort when you walk or exercise.

Men Who Need Chest Support
Many men have some chest development and need chest support for comfortable walking and running. They want the equivalent of a sports bra for men.

Sore Nipples
Nipples are prime spots for painful chafing. Learn how to prevent this problem with some easy solutions.

Jock Itch
This common fungal infection can strike both men and women. Learn more about how to prevent it and treat it.

Itchy Legs
There are different syndromes that may give you the itchies when you exercise, including exercise allergies and sensitivity to the fabric in your walking pants.

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