September Family Fitness Events

September Calendar

With September come school days and a myriad of health and fitness events celebrating everything from fruits and veggies to public lands to yoga.

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Start the school year on a healthier, more active note to reduce stress and lower the risk of illness and injury. While you're making your shopping and to-do lists, make time for some of these back-to-school health and fitness updates.


Labor Day

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The Labor Day holiday honors and celebrates worker solidarity and unions, but for many it marks the last chance for summer travel and fun.

Fruits and Veggies--More Matters Month

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Make a promise to add more fruits and vegetables to your day and to your plate during Fruits and Veggies—More Matters Month.

This observance (first proclaimed in 2010) seeks to promote healthy eating and physical activity, key weapons in the battle against childhood obesity.


If you're curious about this ancient form of exercise, try free classes this month. Plus, look for special events like workshops, outdoor classes, and live music.


Summer Paralympic Games, Beijing 2008
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Did you catch Olympic fever during the Summer Olympic Games? Keep the excitement going by watching the always inspirational Paralympic Games, featuring elite athletes with disabilities. (Coming to Rio de Janeiro in 2016.)


National Gymnastics Day

On this day, gyms and clubs will celebrate their sport with special events, demos, and open houses. USA Gymnastics also partners with the Children's Miracle Network to fundraise for children's hospitals.

Grandparents Day

Give Grandma and Grandpa a gift; or better yet, spend the day together doing something active that you'll all enjoy.

National Public Lands Day

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On National Public Lands Day, volunteers gather at parks, trails, gardens, historic sites, and other public lands for a day of service. If your family participates, you might pick up trash, clear invasive plants, plant trees, or even build a bridge.

Worldwide Day of Play

If your kids need an extra reminder to turn off the TV, Nickelodeon gives them one today—by not airing any programming all afternoon. Time to go outside and play instead!

Take a Child Outside Week

Help your kids appreciate the environment by sharing outdoor activities with them this week.

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The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASA) started this day to remind parents that when families share meals regularly, kids are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.

See fitness events and observances for October and all 12 months of the year.


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