Set Up a Chore Chart

Two teenage sisters (16-18) cleaning kitchen counter
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Chore charts are a communication tool for families. They help keep the 'who is expected to do what' confusion from turning into a jumbled mess. Chore charts will keep each family member's attitude even-tempered and get the household tasks completed.

Creating Your Chore Chart

  1. Create your chore chart with the help of your entire family. If someone is going to be expected to do a chore, they should have a choice as to which job they would like to do.
  1. Create the chore chart on a day you will not be doing the chores. This will give the idea of their responsibilities time to sink in and defuse any arguments.
  2. Be prepared to write out a detailed list of what needs to be done for each chore. If you have certain expectations, you should share them and make it clear exactly what you want done. This written out description should be kept handy so your teen may refer to it each time they do the chore.
  3. Be prepared to not be in control. The more you tell yourself that it is okay if something is not done to your high standards, the more willing you will be to teach your teen how to do the chore rather then give up and do it yourself.
  4. Set a time when chores should be worked on and completed. Don’t give too much time as your teen may procrastinate, which will cause nagging by you and an attitude from them.
  5. Explain that a chore chart is ongoing; your teen will be doing their chore daily or weekly. Chore charts help us develop good habits. When a responsibility is written down and ongoing, teens are apt to get it done.
  1. Decide as a family whether or not you will be giving a reward for chores - like an allowance based on chores being completed – or if chores are part of the responsibility of being a part of the family.
  2. When writing up the physical chore chart, be able to change it regularly. You may find you will need to make changes, which is easier to do if you create the chart on your computer and print it out as needed.​

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