How to Set Up Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

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You might think that you have an organized kitchen. But is your kitchen set up for weight loss?  What do you see when you open up your refrigerator?  Are the healthy whole grains in your pantry hidden behind chips and crackers? Do you have a bowl of fresh fruit on your counter?  How many servings do your Tupperware containers hold?

The answers to these questions could hold the key to your success or failure at weight loss.

  The way you set up your kitchen plays an important role in the food that you choose to cook and the food that you choose to eat. Learn how to set up a diet-friendly kitchen to slim down with less stress.

How to Set Up Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

  • Get a digital kitchen scale. A high quality precise scale will help you to measure your food portions more accurately. The scale doesn’t need to be expensive. There are many models available so you can compare prices and find one that fits your budget. Keep it on the counter where it will be easy and convenient to use.  If you put it away in the cupboard, it is likely to stay there.
  • Move snacks off the counter. Do you keep a cookie jar on the counter? Do you keep partially opened bags of chips on top of the refrigerator? It's best to get rid of those foods altogether, but if they belong to other members of your household, move them onto higher shelves or inside closed cabinets so that they are hard to see and harder for you to grab.
  • Stock up on single-serve containers. As part of a good weight loss plan, you should spend one day planning meals and workouts and another day cooking diet -friendly meals and snacks for the week. When you are done cooking, divide everything and put it into single serve containers so that they are easy to grab when you are hungry and in a hurry.  If you keep the food in a large container or big pot, it's easy to take too much.

These simple changes to your kitchen can have a big impact on your diet. If you make healthy choices easy to make, your chances for weight loss success will improve.

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