Things Tweens Need to Know Before High School

Make sure your tween is prepared for the teen years.

Prepare now so that your child will be ready for high school when the time comes. undefined

It's hard to believe your tween is already in middle school, and believe it or not the next few years will fly by with the next stop being high school. Be sure your tween will be ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that high school bring. Use the middle school years to prepare your tween for high school and beyond. Below are a few skills your tween will need to master before the middle school experience comes to a close.

Time Management

If your tween learns how to manage his time that will make the next few years much easier for him. Share your own time management solutions with your child, and show him how to use an agenda or daily planner for keeping up with both short and long term projects. Let your child know it's OK to prioritize his activities, and even eliminate an activity if he finds he's over scheduled.

Respect Others

Your child will encounter a lot of different people in high school, and knowing how to interact with them is critical to his success. Encourage your tween to get along with his fellow students and his teachers, even if he disagrees with their opinions or choices. Your child should learn in middle school that a difference of opinion doesn't have to come to blows. Show your tween through example how to respectfully communicate with people whose opinions or politics differ from your own.


The middle school years are a good time for your child to learn about commitments and seeing things through. If your child signs up for band or a sports team, make sure he sees the activity through to the end. Make sure your tween understands that commitments should be taken seriously and that there is a great deal of satisfaction in finishing something he started.

How to Respond to Peer Pressure

Your tween will encounter a great deal of peer pressure in the next few years and he might as well learn how to deal with it now. Encourage your tween to speak his mind and stand up for himself when others are trying to sway his behavior. Give your child a few stock responses that he can use when he has to respond to pressure from his friends and fellow students.

How to Make a Decision

Some children are just more decisive than others, but by the time high school begins your child should be able to weigh his options and make reasonable decisions. Be sure to foster a sense of independence in your tween so that he can make certain decisions on his own, which he will have to do once high school begins.

How to Deal with Disappointment

Life isn't perfect and sometimes things don't turn out the way we planned. If your child knows how to deal with disappointment he will be better able to deal with the ups and downs of high school and college. Let your tween know that he may not succeed the first time around, but that hard work, discipline, and dedication usually pay off. Be there when your child experiences disappointments with his friends or encounters other challenges -- your support might be all he needs to overcome and thrive.

There are Consequences

Your tween will manage middle school and high school with relative ease if he knows that there are consequences, both positive and negative, to his actions and behaviors. Reward your child when appropriate, but be sure to carry out appropriate discipline as well. As your child matures, he'll know how consequences can benefit him, or make his life more difficult.

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