Sex and Pilates

5 Ways Pilates Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Life

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In the past, we didn't often see Pilates and sex together in the same sentence, but that is changing. People are discovering that not only does exercise make sex better, but that many of the basic benefits of Pilates have basic benefits in the bedroom. Articles are being written about how Pilates tones the pelvic floor, the abs and so on; and how that relates to improving sexual experience. What those articles don't usually get to is the next level of specifics i.e. how to connect the stated benefits of Pilates with what it takes to achieve them.

That's where this article steps in. Here are 5 ways Pilates can help improve your sexual experience along with links to the information and exercises it takes to get that to happen.

  1. Pilates Tones the Pelvic Floor
    It is fairly obvious that toned pelvic floor muscles are a good thing for sex. Yet most people have no sense of the muscles of their pelvic floor or how to consciously engage them.

    In Pilates, we work with the pelvic floor as the foundation for the core of the body, and we engage the pelvic floor muscles as part of an overall intent to integrate, tone and lift through the midline of the body. We are not talking about overworking the pelvic floor or implying that those muscles should be consciously engaged at all times. What want is a pelvic floor that can be appropriately responsive to the needs of any activity one is engaged in, whether it be sex or exercise.
    The Pelvic Floor Muscles
    Two Pilates Exercises for the Pelvic Floor (then take those lessons to other exercises)

  1. The Best Moves Start with the Pilates Powerhouse
    Want great pelvic action? Then you are talking about a concert of activity involving your hips, butt muscles, abdominal muscles, back muscles and more. In short, the Pilates powerhouse -- which is more than the core.
    Learn About the Pilates Powerhouse
    What to Know About Core Exercises
    How to Pull in Your Abs

  1. Pilates - Heavy Breathing at Its Best
    When you exercise or have great sex, you need all the oxygen-rich blood you can get coursing through your body refreshing your cells, enhancing your endurance, and waking up all of your senses. Unfortunately, for many people their version of heavy breathing is shallow panting -- not optimal for full on sex or exercise.
    The Role of Deep Breathing in Pilates
    Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing
    Breath and Body Cleansing

  2. Learn to Be in Your Body
    One of the sad facts about exercise is that most people try not to be there for it. They work their bodies but send their minds elsewhere. Sound familiar? Maybe like a common complaint around sex? It seems crazy that we have to practice being embodied, but we do. Joseph Pilates intention was to integrate the body and mind toward an elevation of the spirit and full enjoyment of the pleasures of life. The Pilates principles of movement which were distilled from Joseph Pilates' work exemplify the high level of presence required by the practice of Pilates. The Pilates Principles

  1. Get in Shape, Have Better Sex
    Pilates for better sex is not different than Pilates for anything else. We don't do special Pilates exercises just for sex. Pilates is full-body fitness and overall fitness is what is going to be the foundation of a good sex life, physically speaking. And there is that marvelous little side effect of doing Pilates -- that you'll look sexier. So, with that in mind, we'll finish up by suggesting that the way to improve sex with Pilates is to start doing Pilates!
    Beginner Pilates Info.
    Get in Shape with Pilates
    Beginner Pilates Exercises

    Now, for all of you who have done some Pilates and just need to get back to exercise: Get Free Pilates Exercise Instructions. What are you waiting for?

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