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Sorry for any inconvenience, but due to technical issues you have been redirected to this page to submit your information and updates for The Alcoholism Home Page on

The links below will take you to submission forms located on where you can update information about your alcohol or drug treatment center, A.A. or N.A. Intergroup, or to share your personal recovery story for the Alcoholism site on

Update Treatment Center Information
Use this form to make changes or updates to our directory of treatment and rehab facilities. We update these pages as soon as possible when new information is known to us, but we largely rely on treatment facility personnel to inform us if their facility's information has changed.

Share Your Experience, Strength and Hope
Publish your personal story of recovery on the About Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site by clicking the link above. Your experience, strength, and hope may be exactly what someone else may need to read in order to find their way into recovery. If you have found recovery through the 12 step programs or some other approach, your story may help others.

Update A.A. Intergroup Information
Use this form to make changes or updates to our directory of Alcoholics Anonymous intergroups and meetings. We will update your listing as soon as possible when we receive your updates, but we largely rely on intergroups to inform us of changes by clicking on the link above.

Update N.A. Intergroup Information
Please submit changes or updates to our directory of Narcotics Anonymous intergroups and meetings. Clink the link above to make sure the information about your N.A. Intergroup is up-to-date on the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse site.

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