The Shefit Sports Bra Is Fully Customizable

Shefit Sports Bra
Shefit Sports Bra. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Does your sports bra give you the support you need when you walk, run or exercise? A study of 1397 female runners at the 2012 London Marathon found that 75% of them had issues with the fit of their sports bra, and 32% reported breast pain when they ran. That's a lot of dissatisfaction among those who stuck with it enough to train for a marathon.

The Shefit sports bra was designed by Sara Marie Moylan to solve the problems of poor fit and support.

She is a fitness competitor as well as a mother and a former Mrs. Michigan America. She got out her glue gun after deconstructing an unsatisfactory sports bra. She launched the Shefit design in October, 2013.

Fully Customizable Sports Bra Fit

Shefit features fully adjustable fit by using eight inches of velcro in the shoulder straps and back closure. Most bras have just a couple of inches of adjustability -- if any.

I'd venture to say that breasts are as varied as snowflakes -- no two are alike (even on the same chest!) Yet few women get fitted for their bras, and even fewer for their sports bras. A bra that has adjustability built into its concept and design is very welcome.

You can adjust the straps and back closure to your preferred fit. This may vary by activity, as well as variations in breast size and sensitivity with the menstrual cycle, weight gain and weight loss, and pregnancy and nursing.

But you don't have to adjust the fit every time -- the bra opens with a zip-front closure. If you like it the same way every time, you don't have to fuss with it, just zip it on and you're ready to go.

Shoulder Straps

The shoulder straps are one-inch wide for comfort. You can wear them either in a T-back configuration or the typical over-each-shoulder configuration.

  It's great to have that choice built in. You can adjust the fit with the velcro strap closure, with eight inches to work with on each strap.

Cup Fit
For size ordering, you measure both your bust and rib cage. Sizes are available from small through "4Luxe" which accommodates a bust of 45-50 inches and a rib cage of 34-47 inches. The two-inch wide bust band under the cups allows you to adjust the cup fit and prevent falling out of the cup. You can adjust that as needed for more or less compression during different activities. With the zip-front closure, you won't need to adjust it until you want to. The cups include a foam cup insert so you will have less chance of nipple protrusion or nipple chafing.

The fabric is soft yet sturdy. It is machine-washable. The Shefit comes only in black, with pink trim. It's suitable for wearing by itself for workouts, or under shirts or tank tops.

Reviewer's Experience
I enlisted a walking friend who has problems with breast bounce and discomfort during exercise to try the Shefit sports bra. She was pleased with the customizable fit. It worked well to eliminate bounce during run/walking workouts on the treadmill.

Both she and I thought the bra provided a maximum amount of coverage and support.

It was more than either of us needed for simple fitness walking. The amount of fabric and support felt more like a vest than a bra. But it may be just right for those who have breast pain and support problems.

Bottom Line
If you can't solve your issues with sports bra fit and support, the Shefit sports bra is worth trying.


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