Top Low Volume Shoes for Walking and Running

Walkers and runners with low volume feet may need both a shoe that is narrow and one that has less room overall. Shoes with too much room can lead to blisters and black toenails. While those with a low volume foot can wear thicker socks to help fill the extra space, they should look for shoes that give them a better fit. These models are recommended by Dave Sobolik, a shoe fit expert.

Asics Gel DS Trainer

ASICS Gel-DS Trainer 20
ASICS Gel-DS Trainer 20. Courtesy of Amazon

Style: Lightweight Trainer. This lightweight trainer is excellent for those who want speed and flexibility. It is a nice low-profile shoe with a more narrow and low volume fit. It has been around for 20 years and is still a favorite. It is for mild to moderate pronators and is best for people with a neutral gait.

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Mizuno Inspire

Mizuno Wave Inspire 11
Mizuno Wave Inspire 11. Courtesy of Amazon

Style: Moderate Stability. The Mizuno Inspire gives a more narrow fit through the mid-foot back to the heel. It tends to fit a lower volume foot better than most other stability shoes in that moderate stability category. Another plus is that is is vegan - it contains no animal products. It's available in a variety of color combinations to fit your style.

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Mizuno Alchemy

Mizuno Wave Alchemy
Mizuno Wave Alchemy. courtesy of Pricegrabber

Style: Motion Control. The Mizuno Alchemy is not the most narrow nor the lowest volume, but in the motion control category, this still has the slimmest fit when compared to others until you start tweaking the width selections. If you overpronate, you need motion control shoes and this model can be a good choice.

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