Should I Run Every Day?

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Most runners need at least one, even two, days off from running a week. Research has shown that taking at least one day off a week reduces the frequency of overuse injuries. If you take at least one day off, your body will have a chance to recover and repair itself. You'll find that you'll actually feel better and stronger during your runs.

It's also good to take one day off a week to give yourself a mental break.

You'll reduce your chances of feeling burned out and bored of running.

When to Take a Rest Day

The best days for rest will depend on what type of runner you are and if you're training for a specific event. If you tend to run a lot of miles on the weekends, then Monday might be a good rest day for you. If you're training for a long distance event like a marathon and you do your long runs on Saturday, you may want to rest on Friday, so you have fresh legs for your long run.

Beginner runners may want to start out running every other day, to give themselves sufficient recovery time while still building a running habit. You can either take a complete rest day or do a cross-training activity on your days off from running.

If you're a more experienced runner, one or two rest days should be sufficient for injury prevention and recovery. It's important to listen to your body and if you feel like you need a rest day, take it.

  But you also need to be careful that you don't let rest be an excuse for not running . You'll need to stick to a consistent schedule of running if you want to achieve your training goals and reach your desired fitness level.

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