Should we leave our teen home alone?

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Question: Should we leave our teen home alone?

We've heard our teen is planning a party in our home while we are going to be away. What should we do?

Answer: You will need to rethink leaving your teen home alone. Not that you can't, but that you may have to add some stipulations and added insurances that there will be no illegal activity happening in your home while you are not present. If illegal activity, such as underage drinking at a teen party, does happen in your home while you are not there, you are still legally responsible.

So, it is important to take what you have heard seriously.

Set up a parenting contract with your teen and have some stop-in or drive-by checks done by relatives and the authorities. Talk with your teen. Let them know all of the things you have put into place in order to keep them safe and responsible.

The problem is that your teen may think, "How are my parents going to find out?" If you answer that question with, "We have people checking up on you and our home." Then your teen will be less likely to have a party.

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