What are the Cancer Awareness Colors and Months?

Tips for Buying Cancer Awareness Products

Cancer Awareness Colors
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Awareness colors have become increasingly popular to garner attention for diseases and causes and cancer is no exception. People like to wear ribbons, t-shirts, and other products in these colors to show their support for those suffering from it.

Quite often, a donation from the product sales with these colors is also used to support patients or to fund research to find a cure. However, it is important to know where your donation is going because it may not even be a 'donation' but a for-profit retail sale (more on that below).

Cancer Awareness Colors and Months

Many cancer types have a designated color that is used for bracelets, ribbons, and other products. Breast cancer is a perfect example. Pink ribbons are now everywhere and more and more pink products are being sold in an attempt to support women (and men) with breast cancer.

Certain months and weeks have also been designated to create awareness about many types of cancer. Not all types of cancer have months or colors, but many of the more commonly diagnosed types do.

  • Uterine Cancer = Peach

Tips for Buying Cancer Awareness Products

Wearing a t-shirt, bracelet or hat is a great way to show your support and help raise funds, but you have to be careful when buying awareness products. Unfortunately, some products are sold for profit, without any proceeds going to a cancer organization.

When buying cancer awareness products, make sure the tag or label says "Proceeds go to XX foundation or organization." It is ideal that you recognize the organization and it is one that you are familiar with. Otherwise, it could be a 'for-profit' corporation that does little for cancer research or promotion.

A simple internet search for an organization can also be helpful in making a decision. A reputable organization should explain where their proceeds go and how much of each sale is donated to the cause.

Also, look for feedback from other people who have donated or purchased an awareness product. If an organization is not using the money where they say they are, the word usually spreads quickly online.

If you don't feel comfortable making a purchase, making a donation or volunteering for your favorite cancer charity is also a great way to raise awareness.

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