The Top 8 Different Kinds of Shy Celebrities

Different Types of Shy Celebrities

Shy celebrities can be anything from actors to scientists; what they all have in common is that they have persevered despite the natural obstacles they have faced as a result of their shy personalities.

Below is a list of shy celebrities including actors, athletes, authors, comedians, models/fashionistas, musicians, politicians, and historical figures..

Shy Actors

Photo: Getty / Mike Coppola
Photo: Getty / Mike Coppola. Photo: Getty / Mike Coppola

Many actors are naturally shy; some grew up shy during childhood and were put into acting classes in an effort to help them "come out of their shells."

Many actors who are shy also comment that they use acting as a means of expression. In this way, they view acting as a method to reach beyond the confines of their usual shy way of interacting with the world.

Shy actors include Courteney Cox Arquette, Robert DeNiro, Kim Basinger and Alexis Bledel.


Shy Athletes

Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian
Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian. Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian

Athletes face a difficult challenge when they are shy. Their job consists not only of performing well at a sport, but having the ability to do so in front of an audience.

In every sport from golf to baseball, there is an element of celebrity and being the center of attention. For athletes who are shy, this aspect of a sports career can be daunting.

Some athletes who have dealt with shyness or social anxiety include baseball player Zack Greinke, swimmer Susie O'Neill and gymnast Cathy Rigby.


Shy Authors

Photo: Getty / Dan Kitwood
Photo: Getty / Dan Kitwood. Photo: Getty / Dan Kitwood

The author's career naturally lends itself to shyness; authors are able to spend most of their time alone at their craft without the worries of public scrutiny or performing.

At the same time, when authors become successful, they must cope with book signing appearances and the potential to be recognized in public. Furthermore, many successful book authors make rounds promoting their books by speaking on talk shows.

Some of the most famous shy authors include J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis and George Bernard Shaw.


Shy Comedians

Photo: Getty / Frederick M Brown
Photo: Getty / Frederick M Brown. Photo: Getty / Frederick M Brown

Comedians usually appear outgoing and confident on stage; however, many are naturally shy by nature.

Shy comics usually report having used humor throughout life as a means of coping with shyness and forming relationships with others.

Some comedians who have been shy in their personal lives include Jim Carrey, David Letterman and Eddie Murphy.


Shy Models and Fashionistas

Photo: Getty / Andreas Rentz
Photo: Getty / Andreas Rentz. Photo: Getty / Andreas Rentz

Although the lifestyle of a model or fashion mogul might seem glamorous, it is also hard work and requires the ability to maintain composure under the spotlight.

Walking the catwalk, spending long hours in front of a photographer, and promoting oneself as a celebrity model are tasks that can be emotionally draining for models who are shy.

Shy models and fashionistas include Kate Moss, Heather Graham and Anna Wintour.


Shy Musicians

Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian
Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian. Photo: Getty / Kevork Djansezian

Musicians who are shy sometimes appear extravagant onstage; examples include David Bowie and Lady Gaga. Often, shy musicians take on a persona when performing that allows them to break away from their natural shyness.

Shy musicians use music as a means of expression much the same way that shy actors use the craft of acting to take on a different persona.


Shy Politicians

Photo: Getty / Hulton Archive
Photo: Getty / Hulton Archive. Photo: Getty / Hulton Archive

Politicians are not typically thought of as shy; being in public office requires the ability to lead, give speeches and deal with the public on a regular basis.

However, several politicians have been shy, but overcome their insecurities in the pursuit of serving the nation.

Examples of shy political figures include Al Gore and Theodore Roosevelt.


Shy Historical Figures

Photo: Getty / Hulton Archive
Photo: Getty / Hulton Archive. Photo: Getty / Hulton Archive

Shy historical figures are people who exerted a significant impact on the world despite having shy personalities.

Examples of shy historical figures include Clara Barton (founder of the American Red Cross), Thomas Edison (inventor of the light bulb), and Orville Wright (inventor of the airplane, along with brother Wilbur).


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