10 Sibling Gifts for a Toddler

Make a New Big Sibling Feel Special with these Gift Ideas.

Many parents start thinking about expanding the family when their baby hits the toddler stage. This timing has a ton of perks, but it can be difficult for a two-year-old to grasp the concept of sharing mommy and daddy with a new brother or sister. Giving a toddler small "big sibling" gifts can help teach the toddler about the impending change, make her feel extra special and keep him busy while parents are occupied with the newest member of the family. Use these 10 ideas to find the perfect sibling gift for the toddler in your life.

Books About Siblings

Matthew James Quinton

Like all changes in a toddler's life, books can be a great way to prepare a young child for a major transition (like ditching diapers or moving out of the crib). Waiting for Baby or I’m a Big Sister are great board book options for younger toddlers. For slightly older children, try something like My New Baby And Me: A First Year Record Book For Big Brothers And Sisters.

A Doll

Toddlers are often too young to fully grasp the change that is about to happen to their family. A baby doll, complete with a bottle, diapers, and other common baby items, can let a toddler mimic mom and dad as they take care of the new baby.

Big Sibling Kit

If you’re feeling crafty and able to put a lot of thought and time into a gift, a big sibling kit might be the way to go. Include activity books, small trinkets and a “toolkit” to help mom and dad. Check out Pinterest for ideas and examples.

Big Sibling Apperal

Toddlers will love the reaction they get when they wear a big brother or big sister t-shirt. People will know to pay special attention to the toddler's new role.

A Special Day Out

For close family and friends, consider taking a toddler out for a day trip shortly after the new sibling arrives. It will give parents time to tend to the newborn, and it will make the older sibling feel special. Children’s museums, zoos or aquariums, indoor playspaces, playgrounds ande kid-friendly restaurants are all great choices for an outing with a toddler.

A Photo Album

Create a photo album with pictures of the toddler beginning with his birth to current photos. Going through the album together will not only make the toddler feel extra special, but it will also give parents an easy way to talk about how the toddler used to be a baby, just like the family's newest arrival.

Countdown Charts

Since toddlers don't grasp the concept of time, nine months is basically an eternity to hear about a baby coming without anything but mom's growing belly to show for it. As the due date approaches, create a calendar that visually represents the days remaining before the due date. You can have the toddler add stickers to a chart or have them open small gifts (like a piece of candy) each day.

Big and Little Gifts

Make a toddler feel like a big kid by getting him and his new sibling matching gifts -- a big version for the toddler and a smaller version for the baby. It is easy to find big and little sibling apparel, like a t-shirt and a onesie, or a small and large stuffed animal.

Activity Toys

Help keep a toddler busy with toys that engage her. Coloring books and crayons, puzzles, Lego Duplo sets, and stickers are great options to occupy toddlers while mom and dad are busy with the baby.

Toddler Digital Camera

Let the toddler play photographer and capture special moments with his new baby sibling. Toddlers love gadgets and digital cameras built especially for kids are more durable than an adult's smartphone.

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