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How Do You Say Witch?

Q: How do I sign this word for Halloween?

A: The answer may be no farther than your browser. Several web sites provide examples of signs online. Some offer drawings or pictures while others provide video or animation. All of them describe how to make the signs.

I selected some Halloween-associated words:

Site Descriptions

  • ASL Browser - This site consists of samples from a CD-ROM, so new ones will never be added. It offers a good selection of words though, which are organized alphabetically. It uses Quicktime videos of an adult signing the words.
  • ASL Pro - Video dictionary divided into a main dictionary, a religious dictionary, conversational phrases, and a baby sign language dictionary.
  • ASL University - Site offers many words, organized by category. It has photo illustrations and animations.
  • Handspeak - This online dictionary is regularly updated. It offers a large selection of words organized alphabetically. The author has even included some of her own homemade signs, such as the word "browser." The site is subscription-based.

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