Sign Language - Letters K through T

Sign Language - Letter K

Letter K
Letter K. © Jamie Berke

A fingerspelled K looks somewhat similar to a written lowercase or uppercase K, with the two fingers split and pointing up. The thumb could be thought of as the lower "leg" of the K.

Letter L

Letter L
Letter L. © Jamie Berke

An L is an easy handshape to remember. It looks exactly like an uppercase L.

Sign Language - Letter M

Letter M
Letter M. © Jamie Berke

An M is pretty easy to make. Just put three fingers down, which looks like the written M. The hard part is remembering to tuck your thumb (hidden behind the fingers in the picture) under those fingers.

Sign Language - Letter N

Letter N
Letter N. © Jamie Berke

Just as with the M, an N has two fingers down and a thumb tucked underneath (now that there are only two fingers, you can see that thumb peeking out).

Sign Language - Letter O

Letter O
Letter O. © Jamie Berke

An O is very easy to make. Just think of a telescope.

Sign Language - Letter P

Letter P
Letter P. © Jamie Berke

Remember the K? A P is an upside down K.

Sign Language - Letter Q

Letter Q
Letter Q. © Jamie Berke

Remember the G? A Q is an upside down G.

Sign Language - Letter R

Letter R
Letter R. © Jamie Berke

Cross your fingers "good luck" for the letter R.

Sign Language - Letter S

Letter S
Letter S. © Jamie Berke

Make a fist for the letter S.

Sign Language - Letter T

Letter T
Letter T. © Jamie Berke

T is one of those handshapes that doesn't resemble anything. You just have to memorize it. One thing that helps in remembering it is to remember the sign for "toilet," which is the turning and twisting of a T hand.


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