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Online breastfeeding class may seem a bit strange but it is a great supplement to your regular childbirth class or breastfeeding class. It also works well for couples who are unable to attend regular breastfeeding or childbirth classes due to lack of availability or pregnancy complications. This is an eight week course. There are handy emails to remind you to come to class and show you step by step what needs to be done each week to get the most out of your online breastfeeding class. It works best if you go through each lesson slowly and do all of the steps and read the materials over the course of a week, though you can do it in a faster manner by selecting the option for lost classes at the bottom of the class emails or by working through this breastfeeding class overview. Sign up today!

  1. Why breastfeed?
    • Benefits of breastfeeding for baby
    • Breastfeeding Videos
    • Breastfeeding Quiz
  2. How Breastfeeding Works
    • How pregnancy changes your breasts
    • How your body makes breast milk
    • Preparing to breastfeed
  3. Beginning Breastfeeding
    • Your first nursing sessions
    • Positions for breastfeeding
    • New baby diapers and telling if baby is thriving
  4. Solutions for Breastfeeding Problems
    • Preventing breastfeeding problems
    • Identifying breastfeeding problems
    • When to call for lactation support
  5. Returning to Work and Pumping
    • Buying the right breast pump
    • Tips for pumping
    • Using baby bottles and other feeders
  6. Starting Solids & Breastfeeding
    • When to start solid foods
    • What the right solid foods are for baby
    • A look at progressing beyond simple solids
  7. Breastfeeding an Older Baby
    • Special needs of nursing an older baby
    • Positions for nursing older babies
    • Adding table foods
  8. Weaning Your Baby
    • Types of weaning
    • Finding the right time to wean for your family
    • Gentle weaning

Why Breastfeed?

Breastfeeding is a gift to your baby, but your reasons may be different.
Breastfeeding is a gift to your baby, but your reasons may be different. Photo © iStockPhoto

Breastfeeding is an important part of your health and the health of your baby. That said, many people do not understand why breastfeeding is superior to all other forms of infant feeding. Here are some reasons that breast milk helps you and your baby.

This Week's Lesson

Reasons to Breastfeed
Here are some reasons to breastfeed. Some you may know, other might be a complete surprise. See how you can help you and baby be healthier. You can also come discuss it with your classmates in the Pregnancy and Birth Forums: Why breastfeed?

Helpful Links

Breast is Best
This helpful article from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can help walk you through the steps of infant feeding choices.

Breastfeeding Quiz
As you start this breastfeeding class, be sure to take our breastfeeding quiz. Come back at the end and try your score again!

Breastfeeding Picture Gallery
Pictures of babies and moms breastfeeding in various positions.

Breastfeeding Videos
Sometimes seeing what's going on can be helpful. 

See you next week in class for: How Breastfeeding Works

How Breastfeeding Works

Breastfeeding preparation begins with changes to the breasts in pregnancy.
Breastfeeding preparation begins with changes to the breasts in pregnancy. Photo © A.D.A.M.

Now that you understand why breastfeeding is good for the whole family, let's look at how it works. Here you will see how the breast makes milk and how your baby creates the supply you need to feed them. We'll also explore some common myths about breastfeeding.

This Week's Lesson

All About Breasts
You hear all the myths or breasts, breast changes in pregnancy and breastfeeding, now read the facts.

Breast Changes in Pregnancy
Your breasts begin to prepare for breastfeeding as soon as you conceive. All of the changes that you may have felt in your breasts in pregnancy, soreness, expanding bra size and more, are a part of your body's grand plan to breastfeed.

Helpful Links

Breastfeeding Myths
Have you heard the myth about your ability to nurse being related to your breast size? We'll tackle that and more here.

Breastfeeding Your Baby
The basics of breastfeeding your baby from getting your first nursing off to a good start to finding support from your family.

Preparing to Breastfeed
With everything you know about breastfeeding it might surprise you to hear that what you do before your baby is born is very likely the most important part of the puzzle. Here is how to get breastfeeding started off right.

How Breastfeeding Works
"Breastfeeding is the normal way to feed a baby. Babies are born with reflexes that help them find the breast and begin nursing. But for mother and baby both, breastfeeding is a learned art. In the past, little girls grew up watching experienced mothers putting babies to breast. Today, many women have never seen anyone breastfeed before being handed their own first baby. Without assistance, learning how to position and latch the baby can seem difficult. Mothers also need help interpreting feeding cues and in being able to tell whether their baby is feeding well. It doesn't quite seem fair that mothers must learn these new skills during a time when they are tired and still recovering from childbirth! The first few weeks can be challenging, but with support, mothers can enjoy the special intimacy and vital health benefits provided by breastfeeding."

See you next week for: Beginning Breastfeeding

Beginning Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding should begin at birth or as soon after as possible.
Breastfeeding should begin at birth or as soon after as possible. Photo © iStockPhoto

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the ideal time to begin breastfeeding is right at birth. Here are some tips for those first few feeding to help get you and baby off on the right foot.

This Week's Lesson

Starting Out Right
Dr. Jack Newman talks about the first feeding for you and your baby.

Helpful Links:

Positions for Breastfeeding
From nursing one baby to nursing twins, here are photos and descriptions of how to hold your baby while you nurse, including some less common positions.

Breastfeeding Forum
Do you have questions about breastfeeding logistics? Common problems? Or how to make breastfeeding fit into your life? Check out our breastfeeding forum. This login takes you to the start page of the pregnancy forum, look at the list and select breastfeeding.

How to Breastfeed a Baby
A quick, step by step, guide to learning to breastfeed.

How to Swaddle a Baby
This is a great way to help calm a flailing baby when you're trying to nurse. Swaddling a baby is an age old remedy for calming a newborn. New parents would do just about anything to limit crying. There are a couple of techniques for swaddling and here they are step by step.

New Baby Diaper Chart
New parents love to talk about what's in their baby's diaper. I have to admit that I've been guilty of this myself. It's also important to note that the changes your baby's stools go through can be quite dramatic and even worrisome if you're a new parent. This chart can help you know what's normal and what's not.

Is my baby hungry?
Answers to this seemingly obvious question that may surprise you...

Positions for feeding your baby.
From the basics position to more advanced positions, here are some photos of how to nurse your baby.

See you next week in class for: Solutions for Breastfeeding Problems

Solutions for Breastfeeding Problems

Breastfeeding problems can usually be prevented, but call for breastfeeding help.
Breastfeeding problems can usually be prevented, but if you have them call for breastfeeding help quickly!.

Breastfeeding comes so naturally for so many people, however, there are times when problems can occur. Here is information to help you spot a breastfeeding problem and how to get help!

This Week's Lesson

Treating Simple Problems
Issues like engorgement come up frequently in breastfeeding. Here is some simple advice for treating this and other easy issues.

Helpful Links:

Sore Nipples
"Sore nipples are usually due to one or both of two causes. Either the baby is not positioned and latched properly, or the baby is not suckling properly, or both." Plus more information on prevention of sore nipples.

Blocked Ducts and Mastitis
Helpful information on what to do if your milk ducts get blocked and how to prevent mastitis or treat it if you already have it!

Breastfeeding Positions
How you position your baby or babies at the breast can help solve many problems with breastfeeding. Here is our photo galleries of breastfeeding positions.

When to Call the Lactation Consultant
Knowing when and where to find help can save your breastfeeding experience.

Breastfeeding Guide
Another place for handy breastfeeding answers.

See you next week in class for: Returning to Work and Pumping

Returning to Work and Pumping

Breast Pump and Lactation Consultant
Photo © Photodisc / Getty Images

Breastfeeding and work issues can be hard to figure out. With a bit of planning and perhaps a bit of pumping it shouldn't be that difficult. Here are tips on finding a pump, pumping and making the situation work for you.

This Week's Lesson

Before You Buy a Breast Pump
Information on selecting the pump for you, whether it's a heavy duty pump or something for occasional use.

Helpful Links:

Pumping at Work: Express Yourself!
Great advice on pumping in the workplace. 

Tips for Pumping Milk
Here are a few tips to pump more milk for your baby.

Proper Storage of Breastmilk
Now that you've got the milk what is the best way to keep it usable? Here is everything you need to know.

Before You Buy Baby Bottles
To feed the baby your expressed milk, you'll need to know what bottle is best for your baby. Here is what you need to know about bottles before you buy them.

Breastfeeding Forum
If you're looking for more breastfeeding advice, be sure to check out our forum. We have many professionals and moms who have been there ready to help you. From simple advice to sharing stories, check us out! This link logs you into the general pregnancy forum, check out our breastfeeding folder.

How to Bottle Feed
A step by step guide to bottle feeding.

See you next week in class for: Starting Solids & Breastfeeding

Starting Solids and Breastfeeding

Baby Food
Photo © Viktorija - Fotolia.com

Knowing when to start solid foods for your baby can be a really hard call. It is also important to know not only when to start solid foods, but which foods to try. Nursing does change once solid foods are introduced. How will that effect your breastfeeding experience? Learn more...

This Week's Lesson

Starting Solid Foods
Answers to questions like: Which food should I start with? Should I nurse my baby first and then feed solids? What signs will my baby have to say s/he is ready for solids?

Helpful Links:

Breastfeeding & Other Foods
Dr. Jack Newman shares his expertise on breastfeeding and solids, including tips on deciding when to start and what to start with for your baby.

Baby Parenting
The baby parenting guide will also be helpful!

See you next week in class for: Starting Breastfeeding an Older Baby

Breastfeeding an Older Baby

Breastfeeding Toddler
Photo © BlueOrange Studio - Fotolia.com

Breastfeeding is not just for newborn babies anymore. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) actually recommends that your baby gets only breast milk until six months of age and continue nursing until the age of one year, but that you should nurse as long after as mutually desired. Here is more information on nursing an older baby.

This Week's Lesson

Nursing an Older Baby
Great information on issues like gaining independence for your baby, nursing after six months and the value of breast milk as your baby ages.

Helpful Links:

Breastfeeding and Other Foods
Breastfeeding after the age of about six months is in addition to solid foods. Here are tips on starting solids.

Breastfeeding By Stages
How does breastfeeding work through different ages? This quick summary will be helpful.

See you next week in class for: Weaning Your Baby

Weaning Your Baby

Mom and Toddler Hug
Photo © Monartdesign.com - Fotolia.com

Weaning is a sensitive topic. Both in how and when to wean. Here is information designed to help you decide what is right for you.

This Week's Lesson

Weaning Your Baby
The decision to wean your baby from the breast can be simple or complex, how and when to wean is different for every family. Here are some suggestions to help you make weaning a smooth process.

Helpful Links:

Support Other Breastfeeding Moms
Now that you've seen what a great benefit breastfeeding is to you, be sure to help support breastfeeding with these quick action items from promom.org

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