Top Ten Signs That You May Have a Thyroid Problem

Millions of People Have Undiagnosed Thyroid Conditions: Here Are the Key Signs

Do you have an undiagnosed thyroid problem? Here are the top ten signs.. istockphoto

It's estimated that as many as 59 million Americans have a thyroid problem, but the majority don't know it yet.

The thyroid, a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck, is the master gland of metabolism. When your thyroid doesn't function, it can affect every aspect of your health, and in particular, weight, depression and energy levels.

Undiagnosed thyroid problems can dramatically increase your risk of obesity, heart disease, depression, anxiety, hair loss, sexual dysfunction, infertility and a host of other symptoms and health problems.

So, recognizing the signs and symptoms are important, and getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, is clear. 

You don't need to have all of these symptoms in order to have a thyroid problem, but here are the ten most common signs that you may have a thyroid condition.

The top ten signs of a thyroid problem include:

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