7 Signs You Have Reached Your Limit at Work

How to know if workplace bullying is taking a toll

man frustrated at work

Exposure to long-term workplace bullying is taxing on a person. It can increase irritability, aggression and anxiety. It also can lead to depression, poor concentration, inability to concentrate, poor decision-making and decreased motivation. 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it could be a sign that you have reached your limit with workplace bullying. No longer should you be toughing it out, but instead seriously considering finding other employment options.

Additionally, it is a good idea to be evaluated by a physician to determine if you have other issues that need to be addressed. In the meantime, here are seven signs workplace bullying is taking a toll on you.

Experiencing mood and character changes. When you are struggling with a stressful situation, it is not uncommon to feel like you have lost your patience. You also may find yourself irritable and snappy with other people, both at work and at home. Sometimes workplace bullying can cause a normally outgoing and talkative person to become quiet and withdrawn. It also can cause feelings of sadness, helplessness and hopelessness.

Feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes the clearest indication that you have reached your tipping point, is that crushing feeling that you simply cannot handle anymore on your plate. You feel like if one more thing is added to your “to-do list” that you might actually burst.

No matter how insignificant the request seems to others, you feel as if the request is going to make you explode. In some cases, things you might normally handle with ease now cause great anxiety and you wonder if you will be able to cope with everything.

Engaging in excessive worrying. Although a certain amount of worrying is normal, it becomes an issue when you are suddenly spending a lot of time worrying about things that would not normally phase you.

Additionally, you tend to ruminate about what is going on at work and become preoccupied with the bullying. You can’t seem to stop fretting about it every minute of every day. It consumes you. You also may notice higher levels of anxiety than what is normal for you. If this is true for you, tell your doctor about these symptoms.

Neglecting important relationships. Workplace bullying takes a toll on the family too. If what is happening at work is consuming your time and your energy, you need to stop and ask yourself if it is really worth it. Do not let what is happening at work keep you from engaging with your family and friends. Not only is time together important to the development of the relationships, but it also can help take your mind off what you are experiencing.

Losing interest in favorite activities. If you find that you are disengaging from your hobbies, avoiding socializing with others or losing interest in most things around you, this is a warning sign and not healthy. Although it may be hard to detach from work and relax, it is important that you do so. Even if you do not feel like going to that Zumba class, you should do it. Most likely, you will feel better afterwards.

Lacking good self-care. Often when people are feeling overwhelmed by their circumstances, the first thing they let slide is their appearance. Additionally, they may feel such extreme fatigue that they no longer have the energy to make healthy meals or exercise. Additionally, they may experience changes in sleep patterns and gain (or lose) weight. A lowered immune system also might become an issue.

Self-medicating. A lot of times, when people are stressed out, they will turn to other things to make them feel better. This might mean alcohol or drugs. They do it to numb the pain and to forget about what they are experiencing.

However, this is a very destructive path to be on. Talk to your doctor right away if you are engaging in any type of excessive behaviors. 

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