Simple Low Cost Storage for Medical Supplies

Looking for simple and low-cost storage for your medical supplies? It's a challenge. The natural first thought when you need medical supplies refers to how the product will perform. The much-later thought, sometimes after the product order arrives, is "Now where are we going to store this stuff?"

So here is a list of collected resources I've gathered for your quick reference search for simple low cost storage ideas. 

Efficiency, Ergonomics, and Aesthetics: Designing Lean into the Point-of-Care

Photo by Paladin Medical Products

I was long-ago convinced that storage should serve the user of the storage multiple benefits. It should not be the other way around, where the user must accommodate the design limitations of the storage.

Aside from being inexpensive and low-tech, equipment rail, which you'll learn more about if you follow the above article link, will provide the user with benefits few other storage modalities do: It gives the people who use those supplies in that space the power to rearrange them for better workflow, or better inventory control, or improved safety. 

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A Heavy-Duty Hook for Hanging Lead Aprons

Equipment rail holding lead aprons with heavy-duty hooks. Copyright (c) Paladin Medical Products

A heavy-duty hook for hanging lead aprons is an excellent example of a simple, quick, inexpensive, and adaptable accessory that mounts on equipment rail.  

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Catheter Storage Ideas

Paladin equipment rail with a variety of storage accessories.

Catheter storage has always been a challenge. Unorganized catheters can delay prompt care because nurses must scavenge to find the right size.

The catheter storage bin that mounts on equipment rail gives staff the power to sort them by size, making selection quick. Another benefit: Rail can be mounted within reach of the patient's bed, therefore so can the catheters. This eliminates the delay of nurses hunting and gathering supplies, and instead puts the tools right where they need them. As a result, this storage idea creates more personal contact and hands-on patient care. 

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How a Case Cart System Improves Efficiency, Cuts Costs, and Improves Care

Pensacola, FL, 2005 -- Member of the Massachusetts 2, Disaster Medical Assistance Team gets supplies for a patient out of a medical cart. The team is at Sacred Heart Hospital to help with the increase of patients into the hospital due to Hurricane Dennis. Jocelyn Augustino/FEMA News Photo

To have and use medical storage carts for medical supplies and procedure kits is a good idea. To have a plan or system to coordinate the use of multiple carts is a better idea.

Learn more about how a case cart system can optimize efficiency and lower operating costs. 

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Customize Your Medical Cart With These Side-Mounted Accessories

Photo (c) Medline

There is so much you can do with each individual cart. Are you maximizing the storage capacity and how each cart can serve you? Here are some ways to mount accessories to the side of your carts for even more supplies at your fingertips. 

Customize Your Medical Cart with Drawers that Meet Your Needs

Spend some time learning about what carts can do. There is much to them. Accessories for the top, sides, interior, and exterior. They are so much more than a box on wheels. 

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Medical Supply Storage Locker - Interior Benefits

Medical Supply Storage Locker. Copyright (c) Herman Miller

High-grade plastic lockers can also serve multiple benefits, thus maximizing their value.

They are adaptable, meaning the staff can change and rearrange the interior storage components while they work.

They are also cleanable. Plastic lockers can be wiped down instantly and quickly with disposable disinfecting wipes on hand. They can also be put safely into a cart wash unit for a more thorough cleaning.

Look for lockers that mount on a rail. The feature you need to have is the ability to remove them from the wall for proper cleaning.

10 Reasons Why Healthcare Storage Matters

There are certainly other intriguing and effective storage tools for health care that I have not included in this list. They didn't meet the "quick, simple, low cost" criteria I set for this article. However, that doesn't mean they don't have a place. They absolutely do, but they may just require a bit more upfront planning to implement. But most importantly, here are 10 reasons why storage matters in health care. There's so much more to it than simply a box to put things in. Demand more.

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