10 Ways to Appear Thinner and More Confident

Boost Your Confidence Now

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Simple strategies boost your confidence. Hero Images/Getty Images

It’s hard to feel good if you don’t look good, and it’s hard to stick to your diet if your self-confidence is in the gutter. But how do you boost your confidence if you feel bad about your body? Wouldn't it be nice if you could feel more confident and love the way you look right away?

Many dieters wait until they are the perfect size to invest any time or effort into their appearance. But they’ve got it backwards. You need to invest in yourself every day, starting at the beginning of your diet, so that you look fabulous, feel empowered and believe that you are capable of doing everything you set out to do.

Stand Up Straight

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If you stand up straight, you'll look thinner and taller. This sounds too obvious to work, but it’s not. The way you hold your body contributes significantly to the way you feel and the way you present yourself to the world. If you stand up straight, you'll appear thinner instantly.

Think your posture is perfect? Try this test. Take a good look at your latest Facebook photo or video. Do your shoulders slope forward? Does your chin point down or to the side? Are you resting on one hip?

Now stand in front of a full-length mirror. Center your weight to elongate your spine. Relax your neck so that the nape is long and elegant, then center your chin so that your head doesn’t droop. Roll your shoulders back and down to gently straighten and lift your upper back. Now compare this look to the posture in your photo. Looks better doesn’t it?

Change Your Hairstyle

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You can make simple changes to your hair to look leaner and taller right away.  An elegant ponytail does the trick nicely.  But you can also go beyond the basic style to add height to your frame. Try a trendy quick updo to change your appearance. It may even help you stand a little straighter!

To get more ideas, make an appointment with your hair stylist and ask for an updo either for a special occasion or for a more practical workday look. Take advantage of your stylist’s expertise to learn tips and tricks to create variations of the look at home. You can even use your smartphone to videotape or take notes. With a few bobby pins and a little bit of hairspray, you’ll boost your confidence and look slimmer in minutes.

Wear (Comfortable) Heels

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Comfy flat shoes are great if you need to walk a mile or two.  But to look thin and radiant you need to cultivate your sassy side. You need to find a pair of heels shoes that help you reinvigorate your sexy zest.  You need to wear high heels.

The only problem is that many high heels are uncomfortable and you're not likely to project a confident self image if you are in pain.  The trick is to find comfy high heels. Can’t tolerate a stiletto? Get a wedge. Wear anything that gives you extra height and allows you to stand and walk with ease.

Nothing makes you look thin faster than added inches. And who doesn’t love an excuse to go shoe shopping?!

Wear Tailored Clothes to Look Fit

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Let’s face it, lean muscles are in. You'll look fit and slim if you have a strong, well sculpted appearance. But if your muscles are a still work in progress, don’t worry. Your clothing can help you fake it if you wear clothing with tailored seams.


For example, a basic blazer might have a seam on the right and left sides to connect the front and back. You want more tailoring than that. Find a jacket that has additional seams or darts on the front and back panels to give it more shape.

Get in the habit of checking for fine tailoring in pants, blouses and blazers. If you’re not sure what to look for, ask a salesperson to give you some options, then try on as many as possible before making a purchase. You'll look fit and feel inspired in no time.

Wear the Correct Size


If you’re on a diet because you’ve gained weight, then your closet may need some attention. Are your clothes too small?

You need to wear the correct clothing size if you want to look slim and feel more confident. Wearing clothes that are too tight will make you feel uncomfortable. Clothes that don't fit also serve as a constant reminder of your weight.

Clothes that fit properly will actually help you to look thinner simply because they won’t pinch or crease in awkward places. You also don't want to suffer the embarrassment of busted seams. While you’re dieting, invest in a few pieces that fit well and make you feel comfortable, strong and confident.

Hire a Good Tailor


You probably read that last tip and thought it was impractical. Who wants to spend money on clothing when the plan is to not fit into them? So if you want to save money, hire a good tailor. She can help you look thinner in clothes that you buy and clothes that you already own.

A tailor can be a small luxury, but she can taper all of your clothing in small increments so that it fits well all the time. No more slouchy tops or baggy pants. With a little nip and tuck you’ll look slimmer and more professional all the time.

Fake a Flat Belly

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Don't have perfectly flat abs? Don't worry. Almost no one does.  But you can fake a flat belly with good shapewear.

Comfy, lightweight shapers eliminate bulges, eradicate bumps and make you look thin immediately. Try Spanx brand or any of the other brands that are now available in most department stores. You'll even find shapers that help you look good in workout wear.  Shapeez makes a back smoothing sports bra that provides support and makes you feel good about your body when you workout.  

Learn about shapewear styles and brands before you invest.  There is a product for just about every body type and every body part you can imagine...and, yes, there are even shapers for men.

Layer Tanks to Look Sexy

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Want to show off your best assets? You'll look sexy in a long layered tank. Tank style tops help you show off sexy shoulders, a long elegant neck or a strong chest.  And layered tanks help you look slim.

A long tank worn alone or layered under a shorter top helps you to appear slimmer because it eliminates the typical horizontal line at your waist. And by keeping a single color and texture thought the entire length of your torso you appear leaner and more trim. You can also wear layered tanks with similar colored pant (but a different texture) to keep the look monochromatic and more slimming.

Wear Power Accessories

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If you want to feel powerful, you need to look powerful.  Invest in the power accessories that make you feel strong. Don’t wait until you are the perfect size. Do it now because you are worth it now.

If you are concerned about the cost, find a special handbag, a great pair of shoes or pair of elegant earrings that make you feel great.  Visit consignment or thrift stores to find a deal. If you buy accessories rather than clothing then can continue to wear them as your size changes.

Then, if you can, find a well-tailored suit or dress in a single bold color.  The monochromatic tone will help you to appear thinner. Fine tailoring will give you a lean form. And the bold color? That will announce to the world that you are fabulous as is. As your confidence grows and your waistline shrinks, use your tailor to keep your power dress in good shape and keep you looking your best.

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