Toddler Approved: 4 Simple Ways to Celebrate Easter with Your Toddler

Maximize Toddler Fun by Keeping Easter Activities Easy

Like with other holidays, plenty of traditional Easter activities can be a bit too advanced, complicated, or even overwhelming for 1-year-old and 2-year-old children — think major messes from egg dying or a hysterical little one when you try to visit the Easter Bunny character at the mall — but that doesn’t mean you can't plan some holiday fun for your toddler. The key is to keep your Easter activities super simple. From story times to art projects, here are four easy ideas that let your toddler join in for some Easter fun. 

Read Easter and Bunny-themed Books

Credit: Christine Schneider

One of the easiest and best ways to begin to get a toddler excited and involved with a holiday is by reading about it. For Easter, look for bunny-themed books, like the classic favorite, Pat The Bunny.

If you are looking for something more specific to celebrating the Easter holiday, try Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter Bunny or Olivia and the Easter Egg Hunt. If you want to make reading social, look for Easter-themed story times at your local library or nearby book stores. These events often combine reading age-appropriate books with an easy craft or other fun holiday-inspired activity.  

Set Up an Easy Easter Egg Hunt

You can skip the sneaky stuff: For toddlers, Easter egg hunts don't have to be complicated and difficult. If you're planning to entertain little ones, it's best to hold your hunt in a safe, secure area. A fenced in backyard or even your household's play room will work well for toddlers and other young children. And don't worry about hiding the eggs. Instead, hide them in plain sight. Your toddler will have plenty of fun just running around, picking the eggs up, and putting them in his or her basket.

If you're going to fill the eggs, make sure you use items that are toddler-friendly. Small toys, coins, or hard candy can be choking hazards, so steer clear. Consider filling the eggs with toddler-approved treats -- think cereal, Goldfish, or animal crackers. Small plush toys might fit in a plastic egg as well, and if all else falls, stickers are always a hit with little ones. 

Decorate Easter Eggs

While dying Easter eggs can get messy with a toddler, playing with colors is a great learning activity for little ones. If you're feeling brave, cover the area you'll be using with an old towel or tablecloth and give this easy egg dye recipe that uses vinegar, food coloring, and water a try. All of the ingredients safe for a toddler to play with.

Mix the colors in small bowls (for toddlers, it's best to stick to three to four colors at the most). Then let your little one dunk the eggs, exploring the different colors and textures involved in the process. Remember, dying Easter eggs with toddlers is not about the end result -- it's all about the process! 

Plan a Simple Easter Craft

Easter crafts for toddlers can range from the super simple to the more complex -- it all depends on how much work you want to do! If you want to keep things as easy as possible, opt for some Easter-themed coloring pages. If you want to get more hands-on with your toddler, here are some more complex crafts you can try: 

  • Bunny-shaped Easter Basket

However you decide to celebrate with your toddler, remember to keep it simple and fun -- don't worry too much about messes or perfection! Happy Easter! 

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