Sir Richards Condom Company

The Sir Richard's Company. Photo Courtesy of Sir Richard's Company

The Sir Richard's Company:

In 2009, the entrepreneurs and designers behind Sir Richard’s Condom Company became extremely concerned that a significant shortage in condom availability was putting millions of a people, each day, at risk for being infected by sexually transmitted diseases -- diseases that could be easily prevented by using a condom. They decided that it was time to create a different type of condom company...

a socially conscious company, built from the ground up, with the goal of addressing this global health crisis. The creators of Sir Richard’s Company live by the simple motto, "the power of business can help bring pleasure and health to the global community."

The Mission of Sir Richard's Company:

The Sir Richard’s Company has a simple, yet noble mission -- for every Sir Richard's Condom bought, one will be donated to a developing country. This buy-one, give-one initiative is the first of its kind. Yet, these are no ordinary donations. The Sir Richard’s Company carefully chooses an area where condom donations are in great need due to high infection rates of HIV and/or other sexually transmitted infections. And it doesn’t stop there. Once a donation site is chosen, Sir Richard’s Company enlists the help of local artists and medical providers. Together, they create a brand new condom brand...

one that has cultural relevance as well as directions and packaging in the area’s language, so the intended population can easily understand. The quality of the donated condoms is not compromised either.

The company chose Haiti as the destination of its inaugural donation. The Sir Richard’s Company designed the condom brand KORE (a slang term that translates as "I have your back") and will be donating 500,000 of the KORE Condoms to the citizens of Haiti.

Sir Richard's Company Envoys:

The goal of social change doesn’t just exist at the management levels at Sir Richard’s Company. The company values the passion and enthusiasm that college students bring to the table. Thus, the company has created its Envoy Program, which is currently operating in over 20 universities. With the belief that college students are true agents of change, Sir Richard’s Company invites college students, across the country, who want to make a difference as condom advocates to apply for this program.

Sir Richard's Condoms:

The Sir Richard’s Company offers four types of condoms as well as a collection pack.

All Sir Richard's condoms are manufactured using 100% natural latex. As per Sir Richard’s, this "is important because we don’t use any filler ingredients and latex is a renewable resource that comes from the rubber tree." They are also completely glycerin, spermicide and paraben free.

These condoms are deemed vegan-friendly and are certified by the American Vegetarian Society. Unlike many condom manufacturers, the Sir Richard’s Company makes it easy to determine the ingredients used in making their condoms, as well as what chemicals, are not included in their products.

Where to Find Sir Richard's Condoms:

You can easily purchase Sir Richard’s Condoms at local pharmacies and grocers (including Whole Foods) throughout the United States. They can be purchased online from the Sir Richard’s Company (and shipped anywhere in the world) -- an additional perk? Shipping within the United States is completely free! The Sir Richard’s Company also offers a completely discreet monthly subscription service.

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