The Complete Wedding Workout Plan

Use these bridal workouts to slim down and tighten up

Bride in wedding dress
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Are you ready to look fit, lean and radiant on your wedding day? You’re too busy with wedding plans to spend hours at the gym, so use this wedding workout plan to complete quick, efficient workouts that will have a big impact.

The Wedding Workout Plan assumes that you have approximately 6-8 weeks to slim down. If you have more time, then simply stay on the plan longer.  If you’re short on time, just complete as many of the bridal workouts as you can.

Don’t double up on workouts or severely restrict calories. Both of these things will tax your body more than is necessary and could backfire.

The Wedding Workout Plan

To prepare for your wedding, you need to commit to doing something physical every day.  Yep, that’s right every day. You also need to be healthy enough for vigorous activity because some of the workouts are intense. If you have medical concerns or questions, check with your doctor and follow his/her advice for modifications.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, you need to do 250 minutes of exercise or more per week to see significant weight loss.  To meet that goal, each week during the plan you need to complete:

  • 1 cardio circuit.  Burn calories and build strength at the same time with this combined workout.  A quick circuit workout is perfect when you are pressed for time.
  • 2 easy recovery day workouts.  Easy exercise sessions should last 30-45 minutes and should be scheduled on the days immediately following your high-intensity days.  Elevate your heart rate to burn calories but keep the pace moderate so your muscles can rest and recover. 
  • 2 moderate intensity exercise sessions. These sessions should last 45 minutes to one hour. For example, you can walk briskly on an incline, use the elliptical, take a spinning class, or swim laps at the local pool. 

Wedding Workout Schedule

If the plan already sounds complicated, don’t panic.  Here's a sample schedule

  • Sunday: Moderate intensity treadmill walk (60 mins)
  • Monday: HIIT workout (20 mins) and home strength exercises (15 mins)
  • Tuesday: Easy walk with friends during lunch (40 minutes)
  • Wednesday: Moderate paced spinning class (45 mins), home strength exercises (15 mins)
  • Thursday: Tabata workout (30 mins)
  • Friday: Easy walk after work with friends (60 mins)
  • Saturday: Cardio Circuit (45 minutes)

Total Minutes: 330 minutes

Wedding Workout Tips

  • On Sundays, schedule workouts (and meals!) for the full week. Specify the exact time that each workout will be completed. Post the calendar in a place where you see it every day.  Make multiple copies for work and home if necessary.  Don’t just put the schedule in your iPhone.  You need to see the schedule to act as a reminder of your commitment.
  • If you feel tempted to skip a workout or cheat on your diet, look at your calendar, take a peek at your dress and remember your goal. In the end, it is consistency that matters more than anything.
  • On days when you are especially busy, break up your workout sessions into mini-workouts and spread them out throughout the day in order to complete them.
  • Each night, pack your gym back with the next day’s workout clothes.  Decide which healthy snacks you need for the following day and either pack them or put them at the front of the refrigerator so you see them in the morning.
  • Use social media to keep yourself accountable. Post your daily workout commitment and ask your Facebook friends or Twitter followers to check in with you to make sure you completed it.  Ask friends to join you at the gym or for a walk or run around the neighborhood.  The more support you have, the more likely you will be to stay on track.
  • Be sure that you are consuming enough calories each day.  Follow the Best Diet for Brides-to-Be and eat a clean, healthy diet so that you always feel energized for your workouts. If you over-restrict calories, you may end up too tired to workout and the plan will backfire.

Benefits of the Wedding Day Workout Plan

This balanced workout plan includes enough high-intensity workouts to burn more fat in less time.  It also allows for some recovery time so that you don't wear down your body or your spirit. You need to have time to relax during this exciting but stressful time!

In addition, you’ll do upper body strength exercises to shape and tighten your upper body.  If you’re wearing a strapless wedding dress, you want your arms to look great!  Want to boost your workout even more?  Use my 10 Tips to Get Flat Abs to get your waistline leaner and tighter as well.

Good luck on the plan and congratulations!