Slumber Wonders - A Book About Sleepovers for Tween Girls

The Sleepover Guide for Tween Girls

A great sleepover book for tweens planning a slumber party. Photo courtesy of American Girl

The sleepover party is a right of passage for tween girls and American Girl understands the preteen crowd better than anyone. If your daughter is excited about hosting a sleepover party, Sleepover Wonders will help her plan, enjoy and follow through on a fun evening with friends. 

Pre-Party Planning

Tween girls are ready to take over party planning responsibility from Mom and Dad, and with Slumber Wonders, a girl can plan her event with ease and a personal touch or two.

Try to give your preteen the privilege of deciding some of the party activities, food, and other details. The book will help keep her organized and is an ideal read for any tween girl who enjoys organizing events and planning ahead for fun and games. Slumber Wonders begins with advice on everything from party etiquette to invitations, to working out details on food, games, crafts, parental supervision and much more.

Helpful tips include advice on topics such as invitation etiquette (run the guest list by your parents before making the invitations), decorating (don't wait until the last minute to set the stage), and making your home inviting for guests (help guests carry their belongings to the sleepover room).

In addition, the book tells girls how to properly end a party and why it's important to leave your home cleaner than you found it.

True to American Girl form, the book is beautifully designed with colorful graphics, a graphic novel style, pullout tip boxes, check off boxes and information presented in short form paragraphs.

In other words, the book is easy and fun to read and follow. Don't be afraid to allow your tween to jot down notes, ideas or lists in the book -- that's exactly what it's for.

Pick Your Theme

Theme parties are all the rage, and they are especially fun to plan. Slumber Wonder offers readers eight themed sleepover themes -- all of them with the preteen girl in mind.

Themed party ideas include:

  • Glam-a-Pajama (a party based on hair, glitz, and girly stuff)
  • Critter Shindig (a party for those animal loving preteens)
  • Camping Bash (for any girl who digs the outdoors, campfires and sleeping bags)
  • Sweet Soiree (the party for girls who can't get enough of sweet desserts)
  • Drive-In Diner Party (a 1950s twist on food, music and maybe some sock hop snacking)
  • Personalized Party (a party where everyone is the star)
  • Petite Party (it's all about little stuff with this theme)
  • Pretend Hotel Sleepover (turn your home into a chateau)

Each theme includes fun ideas on invitations, activity ideas, games, food, and more. The Glam-a-Pajama party, for example, includes ideas on decorating hairbrushes, making a fun and refreshing citrus cooler and cute ideas for invitations. The Critter Shindig advises girls to stage a furry friend fashion show and make pet i.d. tags.

In addition to the eight themed ideas, the book offers up numerous other themes with quick ideas to carry them out. A checklist at the back of the book gives the girls a shopping list and helps keep them organized as they plan their evening.

More About American Girl

American Girl understands the challenges and joys of being a preteen girl, and they do a great job of helping girls navigate both.

The American Girl book offerings include other helpful guide books such as A Smart Girl's Guide to Parties, Bored No More Quizbook, A Smart Girl's Guide to Surviving Middle School, The Care & Keeping of You - The Body Book for Girls, and many others. Parents of preteen girls may want to check their local library for American Girl books, or you can check out the entire collection at the American Girl website. The books make great birthday presents or stocking stuffers for preteen girls.

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