Smart Trike 3-in-1 Tricycle Review

Awesome Tricycle for Babies or Toddlers

Woman teaching boy (4-5) riding on children's bike while daughter (6-7) is standing in background
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I am just going to get right to the point and say it. The Smart Trike 3-in-1 Tricycle is an awesome bike for your baby (a wee expensive, but awesome nonetheless). I am a huge fan of convertible and multifunctional toys that work well through both the baby and toddler years. For me, it makes the slightly higher price tag all the more worth it. No need to buy 3 different bikes as your baby grows. This well-designed, safety-minded tricycle will see you from about 10 months through 3 years of age.

Smart Trike is in the business of making bikes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Incidentally, they have several different designs on the market, and this tricycle review is specific to the Smart Trike 3-in-1 Zoo, which currently comes in 6 different colors styles: Ladybug, Dolphin, Gala, Cow, Frog, and Butterfly.

Tricycle for Babies

The tricycle converts in 3 ways for approximate ages of 10+ months, 15+ months, and 24+ months. It is estimated to be appropriate until about 3 years of age, likely working until your child is ready to go to a "big kid" bike with training wheels.

At the 10+ month stage, the tricycle can be thought of as having a "stroller" mode. While I have had previous trikes with push handles, I was always frustrated that the parent push handle had no steering capabilities. Not so with the Smart Trike 3-in-1. This tricycle is designed for the parents to be able to control the front wheel, making cornering and turning much easier.

Point-of-fact, my five-year-old daughter loves to push her baby sister while we walk, and she has had no trouble at all "taking the wheel".

In the baby mode, the stroller has a high back rest, with 3 point harness, and surrounding safety bars. The pedals can be disengaged so they do not turn while being pushed, and we have had no trouble with her feet getting stuck as she rides.

She often opts to rest her feet on the foot rests instead anyway.

To protect your baby from the sun, there is a shade incorporated in the stroller design as well. This has worked well, though on the occasion of a gusty day, the shade has been blown back. It is not troublesome, however.

Tricycle for Older Babies

When the baby gets to around 15 months, parents can transform the tricycle to the next stage. This stage would be ideal for babies who now have solid body control, and no longer need the support of the high back seat, safety bar, and harness. At this stage, the baby is secured with a lap safety belt instead. The shade also removes at this stage.

Parents still have steering capability in the 15+ month mode. Speaking of which, I should mention that I am fairly tall, standing at nearly 5'11", and the parenting steering bar when fully extended is at a comfortable level for me. I've had a few umbrella strollers that I felt I had to stoop over to push, but the bar height does not bother me. The handle can be retracted to a height that will work well for older siblings (and for easier storage too!).

Toddler Tricycle

Then finally at the final stage, the parenting steering is removed, and it is up to your toddler to do all the work.

The foot rests are positioned out of the way of the feet rather than needing to be c. This is a point which I also appreciate. I am glad the feet rests store with the trike itself. If not, I'd bet money that we'd lose a smaller piece such as this.

Additional Features

The Smart Trike Zoo has lots of features that we love. It truly is a well thought out and well-designed bike. Here are some of my other favorite design elements:

  • Zippered storage pouch on the steering handle. It's large and sturdy enough to fit several diapers, baby wipes, keys, a small toy, and a cell phone.
  • The trike (not the handle) is metal construction.
  • Rubber wheels (not plastic) for a smooth ride.
  • Child cup/bottle holder for all ages.
  • Built in attached baby cell phone and holder.
  • Back storage bucket.

Initial Reservations and Concerns

When we first bought the Smart Trike from Toys R Us and got it out of the packaging, we did at first have some concerns about what seemed like a flimsy design of the parenting steering bar. Unlike the bike which is metal, the parent steering is made from plastic. We wondered if this would be rugged enough.

As we started using the bike, the handle construction has not been an issue for us. However, I do wonder if parents tried to use the 15+ month design on older toddlers or very large older babies if this might be an issue. However, for the averaged-sized baby, I would not anticipate an issue.

Final Thoughts on the Smart Trike Zoo Review

It is also noteworthy to point out that the Smart Trike Zoo has received several awards for being a great toy. I totally see why. It's a great baby bike, that assembles and transforms easily. It's a tricycle that will last from baby to toddler years and definitely sturdy enough in construction to be handed-down to other children when your baby finally out grows it.

As I said in the beginning, this is an awesome toy for your baby and worth the price. Just be sure to following baby bike safety guidelines when going for a ride.

I loved this tricycle so much that I featured it in my Top Baby Spring Products.

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