5 Smile Aging Habits

Avoid Smile Aging

Avoid aging your smile by avoiding these five habits. Having a beautiful, youthful smile is one of the most important parts of looking young and energetic. A nice smile will keep you feeling young and happy. Other people will react to your smile too, and be more likely to smile back (see more health and social Reasons to Smile). Make the world friendlier and more beautiful by avoiding smile aging.

Avoid Stains

Glass of Red Wine
Glass of Red Wine. Photodisc / Getty Images

Some of our favorite foods can, unfortunately, cause stains on our teeth. Foods like red wine, soda and coffee all can dull the whiteness of teeth, leaving a not-so-bright smile. Try to brush soo after eating darker foods to preserve your smile's natural brightness.

Teeth are for Eating

Healthy Foods
Healthy Foods. SW Productions / Getty Images

Some people will use their teeth for anything - from tearing open bags to opening cans and bottles. Each time you use your teeth as a tool, you risk damaging them. This damage could be in the chips or breakage. This kind of pressure on teeth could also disrupt the flow of nutrients to your teeth, which could cause your teeth to change colors (and not for the better - think gray).

Good Oral Care

Floss for a Longer Life
Floss for a Longer Life. Paul Burns / Getty Images

Of course, protecting your smile involves good oral care. You should be sure to change your toothbrush frequently and floss daily. Problems with gums (such as gums receding) can change the way your smile looks -- not to mention good oral hygiene just might help you avoid inflammation that can cause age-related problems.


Remember to Smile

As we age, we tend to forget to smile enough. Kids smile all the time, just to show their pure joy at being in the world. We grown-ups tend to forget to smile. Picture two people in your head. Make them around 75. Picture one smiling and one not frowning. Who looks the youngest, most energetic? Easy, the person smiling. Smiling just shows that we are engaged with life and enjoying ourselves -- all signs of youth.


Don't Smoke

Smoking and Cigarettes
Smoking and Cigarettes. Maren Caruso / Getty Images

Smoking is a terrible thing to do to your smile. Not only does smoking stain your teeth, but it also ages your skin prematurely. Smokers, typically, look years older than their true age.


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