The Value of Rewards During Smoking Cessation

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For most of us, the early days of smoking cessation involve some work. Nicotine withdrawal and the associations we have between the activities in our lives and cigarettes can be consuming. Thoughts of smoking are incessant and uncomfortable.

We wonder if we'll ever be free of the ball and chain of nicotine addiction.

While this phase of recovery is challenging, the good news is that the discomforts are all temporary.

Better days are ahead -- much better.

The Importance of Rewards During Smoking Cessation

Life is hectic enough as it is without the additional tension that smoking cessation throws into the mix. Daily rewards help us release the stress of the day and recharge our batteries for the day ahead.  And, some of the best rewards cost us nothing. Things like time alone with a good book and a cup of tea, devoting an hour to a favorite hobby, or going for a walk on the beach with the dog can work wonders for rejuvenating body, mind and soul.

Daily rewards also help to mitigate the instant reward that nicotine addiction has taught us to expect (multiple times a day) over the years.  Make a list of simple rewards that you can use to help motivate you, along with some ideas for special rewards to mark non-smoking milestones you pass along the way.

Healthy and Wealthy

Speaking of rewards, let's not forget the money saved when we quit smoking.

Why not collect the cash you would have spent on cigarettes in a jar and use it every so often to reward yourself with something special? You deserve it and having tangible rewards that were purchased with cigarette money is a powerful motivator.

    Feed your health and well-being with a daily reward that has meaning for you, and keep your quit program at the top of your priority list for as long as it takes.

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