Snapping Cute Valentine's Day Pictures of Your Baby

Adorable Baby Photo Ideas with Love in Mind

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Whether you are planning to send out customized cards to friends and family or just want a sweet shot for your scrapbook, taking a Valentine's Day picture of your baby is a wonderful way to celebrate this special holiday.

Ideas for Valentine's Day Pictures

Dress your baby in a seasonally appropriate outfit, grab your camera, and try one of the following ideas for great Valentine's Day pictures:

  • Get a silly picture of your baby with a bright red lipstick print on his cheek.
  • Stage a photo that includes everyone in your family holding up a letter to spell a message. For a family of three, try "I (heart) U." For a family of four, "LOVE" is a great choice. For a family of five, go with "SWEET."
  • Draw a heart in the sand or snow, then take a picture of your baby posing next to it.
  • Have your baby hold a bouquet of silk flowers.
  • Snap a picture of your baby being kissed by older siblings or a parent.
  • Get a cute Valentine's Day picture for a baby boy scrapbook by snapping a shot of him playing with a dump truck filled with conversation hearts and adding the caption "Loads of Love."
  • If your baby is too little to sit up on her own, take a picture of her nestled in a red or pink blanket tucked in a wicker basket. Scatter rose petals around the base of the basket to reinforce the Valentine's Day theme.
  • Babies start to learn to hug people around five months of age, so a shot of your child hugging a sibling or parent may make for a great Valentine's Day picture.
  • Get a picture of your baby giving a favorite stuffed toy a big kiss. A picture of your child blowing a kiss to the camera makes for an adorable Valentine's Day photo as well, although many children don't master this skill until after their first birthday.
  • If your baby is old enough for a taste of something sweet, get a picture of him enjoying the frosting on a cupcake or a deliciously decorated sugar cookie.

    Digital Image Editing

    Photographing babies requires patience and persistence. Babies have limited mobility and can't understand posing directions, so even professional photographers will spend hours trying to get the perfect shot.

    If your staged photos don't turn out as well as you had hoped, don't despair. You can use digital image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements to create lovely Valentines Day pictures.

    Use lighting effects filters to add a vignette to your favorite baby portrait, then accent your image with free clip art hearts. See our article on Using Adobe Photoshop Elements to Enhance Baby Pictures for more information.

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