7 Sneaky Ways To Add Strength Training To Your Day

7 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Weight Training Done
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You’re busy. We get it. But your body doesn’t deserve to suffer because you can’t make time to exercise. Notice that I said “make” and not “find.” People who work out consistently make time to exercise by treating their trip to the gym like an appointment, a very important appointment that can’t be cancelled. If you haven’t been able to strength train two or more days a week as recommended by the CDC, it’s time to start making time by consciously sneaking in small bouts of strength training into your daily routine.

You can use a wall, your desk chair, or those ticking minutes on the microwave to gain strength and all the benefits that go along with it. And no gym required! Pretty nice, right? Here are our seven favorite sneaky ways to add strength training to your day. Choose three or four, or if you’re ambitious, why not add all seven daily?

1. Morning Mantra

Okay, so we know that a mantra is usually a statement that you repeat over and over again. But instead of an inspiring quote, how about a mini-workout as your new morning mantra? Say (and do!) this mantra; “15 push-ups, 15 sit-ups, 15 tricep dips ” every time you jump out of bed. Then, hit the shower and start your day on a strong note.

2. Coffee Pot Squats

Use your morning cup of joe as an opportunity to work your lower body. While your coffee is brewing—let’s say that’s about two minutes—get your squat on in the kitchen. Mix it up between basic squats, plié squats, and pistol squats for fun variations!

3. Brush Your Teeth While Sitting

Nope, don’t pull up chair. We mean do a wall sit as you brush your teeth. Your quads, glutes, and core will build strength and endurance with consistency. If you brush your teeth twice daily (which we hope you do), consistency shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Stability Ball Deskercise

So you’ve ditched your office chair for a stability ball? Go you! Sitting still in a chair all day is dangerous. But now, make your ball pull double-duty for lunch break core workout. While we recommend this workout for those with a cube or an office with a door, the less shy or those with friendly office neighbors can participate, too! Do 30 seconds of each of these stability ball core exercises, two times through. That’s four minutes total. That’s it! Your core will be burning by the end.

1. Forearm Plank

2. Core Rotations

3. Back Extensions

4. Ball Crunches

5. The “Lunge Hallway”  

We admit this name sounds a little scary but stick with us. To sneak in a burst of bodyweight strength training, designate one hallway in your home as the “lunge hallway.” Huh? Whenever you use this hallway, do walking lunges to get to the end. Lunges tackle your glutes, quads, thighs, and hamstrings. No weight machines or dumbbells necessary.

6. TV Toning Time

The average American watches five hours of TV a day.

Yikes! If you took just one hour of your daily TV time and did strength exercises during the commercial breaks, imagine the changes in your body and additional calories burned over the course of one month. To get the most bang for your buck, store a set of dumbbells under your couch for compound strength exercises. Why compound exercises? They involve more than one muscle group at a time which burns more calories than isolation exercises involving only one muscle group. Try these five exercises in 30-second bursts.

1. Squat Thrusters

2. Cross-Behind Lunge with Lateral Raise

3. Squat and Curl with Alternating Knee Lift

4. Renegade Rows

5. Surrenders

7. Microwave Muscles

Instead of watching the microwave seconds tick by, pony up to the kitchen counter for incline push-ups. Your chest, arms, and shoulders will be challenged in one exercise all while your popcorn pops. If you’re new to the push-up game, this version is easier to do than a traditional push-up on the floor. If you’re more experienced, add a clap when you push off the counter.

There you go. You now have seven sneaky ways to strength train and zero excuses not to add movement into your day!

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