Snug Vest

A Product Review

Snug Vest should fit close to the body before inflation.

Snug Vest is a well manufactured product that is intended to help individuals with autism, sensory processing disorder and/or anxiety. The vest is ergonomically designed to reduce discomfort and prevent light and overwhelming distractions from affecting the individual wearing it. 

It has an easy to use port to inflate the vest to a person's liking and also has an easily accessible deflation tube by simply twisting the end to let out air.

The air pressure is evenly distributed along the back, sides, and shoulders and simulates a hug-like effect for the child with autism, anxiety, or sensory processing disorder. Personally, I found that it is comfortable to wear in that it has pockets in the front and both a vertical and horizontal adjustment velcro that can be used according to the user's height and weight, respectively. Furthermore, I like how there is a "snug fit test" that enables the user to determine the proper fit to the body.

The vest comes in some different colors and allows the user to experience a firm squeeze without pressure placed on the stomach or chest. Personally, I like the style of this vest compared to other vests that appear loud in their colors and stand out from the typical vest. It is a sleek-looking product that allows the child to fit right in with his/her peers, which I feel is an important aspect of this product.

Ultimately, I feel that the user is able to go about and complete daily activities in a regular fashion without any restrictions or discomfort. 

The user manual is well put together and is both in English and French. It includes background information about the features and benefits of the vest, how to use the vest, safety precautions to be aware of, and how to wash and care for the vest.


This product comes with a two-year warranty. If there is a product manufacturing defect that hinders product performance, the company will repair or replace the product at no additional cost.

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