Snuggle Nest for Co-sleeping

Snuggle Nest
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The Bottom Line

The Snuggle Nest is a nice product for parents who are new to co-sleeping with their babies. This product can help them overcome fears and safely sleep with their baby. It is to be used in an adult bed to give your baby small boundaries on a safe surface for sleep.


  • Portable
  • Washable


  • Hard edges


  • The sheet, mattress and the outer cover are washable. The outer cover zips off.
  • The Snuggle Nest is available in multiple colors.
  • The Snuggle Nest folds up to make it easily portable.

Guide Review - Snuggle Nest for Co-sleeping

The Snuggle Nest is a really nice product for those who wish to co-sleep but aren't sure how to start. The miniature bed fits onto your regular bed providing your baby with its own space within your bed. The frame is hard enough that you cannot crush the edge or the baby, but if you flail your arms you can bruise yourself. There is a tiny mattress with a washable sheet.

When you are changing your sheets or making your bed, simply lift the Snuggle Nest up and place it elsewhere. When you have finished changing your sheets, you can move the Snuggle Next back. That being said, when you sleep with a baby, you can be assured that they will eventually pee on the bed. With the Snuggle Nest, your bed stays dry and you can simply change the small sheet on the Snuggle Nest, which is a lot easier, particularly in the middle of the night, than changing a grown up bed.

Breastfeeding was easy in the middle of the night with the Snuggle Nest. When the baby was really tiny, I would move him out of the Snuggle Nest and into the main part of the bed during a feeding. After burping or changing him, I would move him back. Once he got a bit older, I didn't have to move him out of the bed to breastfeed.

He would be able to breastfeed over the edge of the Snuggle Nest.

The deluxe version of the Snuggle Nest also comes with a miniature nightlight and sleep positioner. Sleep positioners are not generally recommended for babies, so even if you get this enhanced version, I would skip using the sleep positioner.  Though your baby should be placed on their back to sleep, whether they sleep in your bed or in a crib or cradle.

The Snuggle Nest was great for when my husband and I went to a conference and had to sleep away from home. We were able to easily back the Snuggle Nest up and bring it to the hotel. We felt very comfortable in a strange bed, and we knew our baby was safe. This was particularly important because the hotel bed was smaller than our bed at home. This also prevented us from having to use the hotel's portable crib. That was an experience I will never forget from my older children.

I would recommend that you get an extra sheet. You will never have enough sheets. Babies go through many of them and you will always want to have a safe place to lay your baby down to sleep, and that might mean waiting a long time while a sheet washes and dries. Just invest in an extra sheet or two.

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